An answer without a question, or, The late schismatical petition for a diabolicall toleration of seuerall religions expovnded being presented to the juncto at Westminster, August 16, 1646 by Colonel Pride and Lievtenant Colonel Goffe and others by the appointment of the Lord Fairfax their general : with some observations upon the mistery of their iniquity, and the juncto's answer thereunto
Holdsworth, Richard, 1590-1649.
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An ANSWER without a QUESTION: Or, THE LATE SCHISMATICAL PETITION For a Diabolicall TOLERATION OF Seuerall Religions EXPOVNDED. Being Presented to the Juncto at Westminster, August 16. 1646. BY Colonel Pride, and Lievtenant Colonel Goffe, and Others; by the Appointment of the Lord Fairfax their General. With some OBSERVATIONS UPON The Mistery of their Iniquity; and the Juncto's Answer thereto.

Written by that Reverend Divine, Doctor Holdisworth, a little be∣fore his Death; and by him desired to be brought to Publick view.

London, Printed in the blessed yeer of the Admission of the Turkish Alcaron into this Kingdom, 1649.