The spring of strengthning grace in the Rock of Ages, Jesus Christ demonstrated in a plain and short sermon
Hill, Thomas, d. 1653.
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To his very worthy Friend, JOHN BROWN Esq One of His Majesties Justices of Peace for Middlesex, and Clerk to the Right Honorable the House of Peers, More intimacy with Jesus Christ.

Most worthy Gaius,

AS there are some Capital Sins for which we must abase our selves all our days; such as have broken our Consciences▪ should often break our hearts: As there are some Cardinal Ver∣tues (to speak in the Moralists language) which must be our every-days work, as being the Essentials of Christi∣anity; so are there some Providential Dispensations in the course of our lives, which must be acknowledged even to Eternity; amongst which we may well reckon loving and faithful friends, constant mens affections being of themselves meer weather-cocks, very mutable, which are Gods Vials by which he pours his favors upon us. And here, Sir, I must rank you with those, for whose acquain∣tance I have much cause to bless God, having received in few years more real love from you, then divers do from some of their friends in many years: Your hearty kinde∣ness hath made so deep an impression upon me, that I can∣not satisfie my self without some publike Acknowledge∣ment of that whereof so many have been witnesses.

I can confidently (and indeed have very much reason) speak to you in the language of John,

The Elder unto the welbeloved Gaius,*whom I love in the Truth: far be it from be in a glorying way onely to complement with him who hath expressed so much affectionate reality unto me.

And without flattery I do pray,*That you may pro∣sper and be in health, even as your soul prospers,Page  [unnumbered] through the rich mercy of God in Christ to you.

*Pray let me adde this by way of thankfulness to God (it being a return of weak Prayers) I rejoyce greatly to hear so many of the deserving Brethren testifie of the truth that is in you; and that not onely in your tongue or outside profession onely, but that you walk in the truth, making the truth your path, which leads to Christ, who is the Way, the Truth, and the life, Joh. 14.6.

And I trust (through the goodness of your God) I may have occasion in his time (which is always the best) to re∣joyce, as John also did, that yours walk in the truth.

But your love to me, together with your dear and gra∣cious Consorts, puts so much the stronger obligation upon me, it being not onely personal, both in my former health and time of present sickness, but indeed to my dear Mo∣ther, the University of Cambridge; which I must ever love and honor, whose welfare you have (in your Sphaere) most happily promoted, and that with such laborious and bountiful respect, as stands upon Record with thankful Acknowledgement amongst us.

Go on, beloved Sir, to love Jesus Christ, in and for himself; love him in his Ordinances, and in his Saints; value all the outward comforts with reference to him and his glory: Ride on prosperously in your Zeal for Truth, and in the exercise of meekness and moderation of Spirit, which is a Scripture expression of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, and for want of which, many (great preten∣ders to Reformation) look too too much like as if they were acted by a Diabolical Spirit therein: The Lord multiply his Graces in you and yours, and his Blessings upon you all.

Accept this from him,

Who desires as a faithful friend to serve you in love, Thomas Hill.

From your own house in West∣minster,Apr. 28, 1648.