The spring of strengthning grace in the Rock of Ages, Jesus Christ demonstrated in a plain and short sermon
Hill, Thomas, d. 1653.
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THE SPRING OF Strengthning Grace In the ROCK of AGES, CHRIST JESVS. DEMONSTRATED In a plain and short SERMON Preached at Twickenham in Middlesex, near Hampton-Court, April 16. 1648. By Thomas Hill D.D. Master of Tri∣nity Colledge in Cambridge.

PHIL. 2. 12, 13.
Work out your own Salvation with fear and trembling: for God worketh in you, both to will and to do, of his own good pleasure.
De ipsis hominum voluntatibus facit, quod vult, & quando vult, habens huma∣norum cordium, quo voluerit, inclinandorum omnipotentissimam po∣testatem.

Aug. de corrept. & Grat. cap. 14.

Christus meus & omnia.

London, Printed for Peter Cole, at the Printing-Press in Cornhil, near the Royal Exchange, 1648.