God's eternal preparations for his dying saints discovered in a sermon at Paul's, May the 7th 1648
Hill, Thomas, d. 1653.
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A Post-script to the READER.

Candid Reader,

IF in any of these six plain Sermons, there bee any defects or redundancies, bee pleased to consider they were transcribed by him who took them in Characters, in som things possibly hee might mistake, in other things bee mistaken, the Printers not knowing his hand; And probably diverse Errata pass uncor∣rected, both in the Sermons and Epistles, I being sick or at a distance (for the most part) from the Press. Excuse what is amiss, accept and improve what is good: The Lord who hath abundance of spirit, bless that unto thy spiritual and everlast∣ing good, through Christ Jesus:

Thine in and for Him, T. H.

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