God's eternal preparations for his dying saints discovered in a sermon at Paul's, May the 7th 1648
Hill, Thomas, d. 1653.
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God's Eternal Preparations FOR HIS DYING SAINTS.

Discovered in a Sermon at PAUL'S, May the 7th 1648

By Thomas Hill, D. D. Master of Trinitie-Colledg in CAMBRIDG.

Isai. 9. 6.
Unto us a childe is born, unto us a Son is given, and the go∣vernment shall bee upon his shoulder: and his Name shall bee called Wonderful, Counseller, the mighty God, the Father of Eternities, the Prince of peace.

Isai. 45. 17.
Israël shall bee saved with an everlasting Salvation.
Incomparabiliter clara est civitas aeterna, ubi victoria, ubi ve∣ritas, ubi dignitas, ubi sanctitas, ubi vita, ubi eternitas.
August. de Vita aeterna.
Repente quidem alta seculi corruunt, pulcra transeunt▪ nam cùm stare in his floribus suis mundus cernitur, repentinâ fortunâ turbatur; aut festinâ & omnia deturbante morte concludi∣tur; vana ergò sunt gaudia seculi quae quasi manentia blan∣diuntur, sed amatores suos citò transeundo decipiunt.
Greg. in 1 Reg. cap. 11.

LONDON, Printed by William Du-gard for Nathanaël Brooks at the sign of the Angel in Corn-hil. 1648.