Hesperides, or, The works both humane & divine of Robert Herrick, Esq.
Herrick, Robert, 1591-1674., Marshall, William, fl. 1617-1650.
Page  373

Comfort to a youth that had lost his Love.

WHat needs complaints,
When she a place
Has with the race
Of Saints?
In endlesse mirth,
She thinks not on
What's said or done
In earth:
She sees no teares,
Or any tone
Of thy deep grone
She heares:
Nor do's she minde,
Or think on't now,
That ever thou
Wast kind.
But chang'd above,
She likes not there,
As she did here,
Thy Love.
Forbeare therefore,
And Lull asleepe
Thy woes and weep
No more.