A sermon preached to the honourable House of Commons at their late solemne fast, Wednesday, December 27, 1643 by Alexander Henderson ...
Henderson, Alexander, 1583?-1646.
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To the READER.

THIS Sermon, such as it is, was preached to the honourable house of Commons at their desire, and is now by their Order printed for thy use, and, by the blessing of God, for thy benefit. The desire & endevor of the Preacher was, according to the scope and nature of the Text, to shew, that after so often renued and long continued humiliation; and after solemne entring into Covenant with the most high God, The true reformation of Religion, is the readi∣est meane to turne away the still pressing wrath of God from the Kingdome, And to bring the desired blessings of all sorts upon Church and State; which yet will prove but uneffectuall, unlesse the Refor∣mation intended by the Honourable Houses of Parliament and the reverend Assembly of Divines be attended & faithfully followed with Renovation and Repentance in the people: Repentance for e∣very knowne Sin (and how can Sin be unknowne in the midst of so many burning and shining Page  [unnumbered] lights?) But repentance especially for sinnes 〈◊〉 the matter of Religion, the present Epidenticall disease of this Land, which threatneth changes & Armies of sorrowes; so it pleaseth the Lord to give more then a taste of the bitter fruits of bad Church-government and a sad representation of the face of the Kingdom, if every man should be left to preach, professe and print what he will. O that my people had harkned unto me, & Israel had walked in my ways! I should soon have subdu∣ed their Enemies, and turned my hand against their adversaries. The haters of God, should have submitted themselves unto him; but their time should have endured for ever. Hearken therefore unto the voyce of God in the spirituall, plaine and powerfull preaching of his servants (one of the greatest evidences that the Lord hath a purpose of mercy toward you) and walke in his wayes. Marke them which cause devisions and offences amongst you; be wise unto that which is good, & simple concerning evill; & the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.