A sermon preached to the honourable House of Commons at their late solemne fast, Wednesday, December 27, 1643 by Alexander Henderson ...
Henderson, Alexander, 1583?-1646.
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Die Mercurij 27. Decemb. 1643.

IT is this day Ordered by the Commons assembled in Parliament, that Master So∣licitor doe from this House give thankes unto Master Henderson for the great paines he tooke in the Sermon he preached this day, at the intreaty of this House, at Saint Margarets Westminster; being the day of publike Humiliation; and to desire him to Print his Sermon. It is also Ordered that none shall presume to Print his Ser∣mon without being authorised under his hand writing.

Hen. Elsynge Cler. Parl. D. Com.

I appoint Robert Bostocke to Print this Sermon,

Alexander Henderson.