A ternary of paradoxes the magnetick cure of wounds, nativity of tartar in wine, image of God in man
Helmont, Jean Baptiste van, 1577-1644., Charleton, Walter, 1619-1707., Helmont, Franciscus Mercurius van, 1614-1699.
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To the Learned Dr. Charleton, on his elegant Translation of some most select pieces of Helmont, accompanied with his excellent Notes, candid Animadversions, and opportune Enlargement.

HElmont, though dead, is now reviv'd. Your Pen,
Like Aesons Bath, instill's fresh youth agen,
Into his pale and elemental Clay. His Tomb,
By your fair Midwifery, becom's a Womb:
From whose now re-impregnate sperm, He
Buds forth into a second Infancy.
Your Sheets new swath him (Sir) where he appears
More vigorous in this youth, then in his years.
We're now convinc'd, that Sympathies combine
At distance; that dispersed Mumies twine:
That Nature, on one string, like coupled Beads,
Her Rosary of twisted Causes threads.
Since what of those he first asserted true,
Gathers new strength, and Argument from you.
Those active Flames, which thaw'd your Brain, do thence
Espouse his widowed Earth, with Heat and Sense.
Those Spirits, which that publike Mint o'th' Blood,
The Liver, back retails to th'purple Flood,
Still through their azure Limbecks, and entrust
New Sap, and Verdure to his wither'd Dust.
Sure, when the Soul of Helmont shook away
The Frippery, and Luggage of her Clay,
She seem'd to steal into your Brest; and there
To fix herself, as in her second Sphere.
Yet lest two inmate Souls, both so immense,
They cannot be unactive, chain'd in Sense,
Page  [unnumbered] Or close immur'd in walls of Flesh, should rent
Uncircumscrib'd, the brittle Tenement:
They virtually diffuse themselves, and come
Into this Book, by an Effluvium.
Within whose Pages, they'l joynt Tenants dwell,
As in some nere to be demolisht Cell.
And when the Wardrobe of your Dust shall be
Dispers'd themselves into more Dust then ye;
This to your Names (from Times impressions safe)
Shall stand at once, both Urn and Epitaph.

Thom. Philipot.