The canting academy, or, The devils cabinet opened wherein is shewn the mysterious and villanous practices of that wicked crew, commonly known by the names of hectors, trapanners, gilts, &c. : to which is added a compleat canting-dictionary, both of old words, and such as are now most in use : with several new catches and songs, compos'd by the choisest wits of the age ...
Head, Richard, 1637?-1686?

AN ALPHABETICAL Canting Vocabulary. Canting before the English.

A A A.
AUtemA Church
Autem MortA Married Woman
Abram CoveA Poor Fellow
B B B.Page  35
BlufferAn Host
Bounsing-cheatA Bottle
BugharA Dog
Boozing-kenA Tippling-house
BordA Shilling
BungA Purse
BeenGood or well
BeenshiplyVery well
BingTo go
Bing awastTo go away
BubeThe Pox.
As for Example,
The Mort hath tipt the Bube to the Cully.The wench hath clapt the Fellow.
Bleating-cheatA Sheep
Belly-cheatAn Apron
BettyAn Instrument to open a door.
BiteTo cheat or cozen
As bite the Cully, that is, pu the Cheat on such a Fellow. Or the Cove was bit, The Man was cheated.
Bite the RogerSteal the Portmanteau
BudgeOne that steals Cloaks or ought else, slipping in∣to an house in the dark
BrushTo fly.
As the Cully is brush'd or rub'd, that is, He is march'd off, or broke.
Bulk and FileThe one jostles you up whilst the other picks your pocket.
Been darkmansGood night.
BlowerOne mans particular Wench.
BatnerAn Oxe
Blow off on the Ground∣sils.O. Q. P. on the Floar or Stairs
Blot the Skrip and jark it.To be engaged or bound for any body.
Page  36C C C.Page  37
CokerA lye
Cove, or CuffinA Man
Cuffin-QuireA Justice of Peace
CrampringsBolts or Shackles
ChatsThe Gallows
Calle or TogemanA Cloak
CouchTo lie
Couch a hogsheadTo go to sleep
Mish or CommissionA Shirt
Cackling cheatA Chicken
Crashing cheatsTeeth
CloyTo Steal
CutTo Speak
Cut been whidsTo Speak well
Cut quire whidsTo Speak evilly
CanakinThe Plague
Cly the jerkTo be whipt
ClapperdogeonA Beggar born
CullyA Fool or Fop
ColquarronA Mans Neck
CroppinkenA Privy or Boghouse
CrackerAn Arse
ChaftBeaten or bang'd
ClinckerA Crafty Fellow
Chap'dDry, or Thirsty
Cackling FartsEggs
Cobble-colterA Turky
D D D.
DeuseavileThe Country
DommerarA Mad man
DarkmansNight or Evening
Dell or DoxyA Wench
DeuswinsTwo pence
DupTo enter or go into an house,
As Dup the Ken, Enter the House, Dup the Booz∣ing-Ken, and booz a gage; go into the Ale-house and drink a pot.
Deuseavile-StampersCountry Carriers
E E E.
EarnestA part or share,
As for example, Tip me my Earnest, Give me my Share or Divident.
F F F.Page  38
FlickerA Glass.
Flicker-snaptA Glass broken
FlickTo Cut
As Flick me some Pannam and Cash; Cut me some Bread and Cheese
Flick the PeeterCut the Cloak-bag
Fam-grasp the CoveTo agree with an Adver∣sary.
FilchA Staff with an hole in the end thereof, in which upon occasion, your Rogues will fasten an hook, to pull things cunning∣ly from an Hedge, or through a Casement.
FermeAn hole
Famble-cheatsRings or Gloves
FlagA Groat
FlogTo whip as in Bridewell,
As the Prancer drew the Quire Cove at the Crop∣ping of the Rotan through the Rum pads of the Rum vile, and was flog'd by the Nubbing-Cove. That is, The Rogue was drag'd at 〈◊〉 Carts-arse, through the chief streets of London, and was soundly whipt by the Hangman.
As tip me a gage of Fogus, Give me a pipe of To∣bacco.
Fencing CullyA Receiver of stoln Goods
FibTo beat,
As Fib the Coves quarrons in the rum ad for the lour in his burg. Beat the Man on the high-way for the money in his purse.
Flog'd at the TumblerWhipt at the Carts arse.
FenceTo spend
As Fence your Flag, Spend your Groat,
Floggin Cove,The whipper of Bridewell, or any other that whips people commonly called at Dublin in Ireland Bellores.
Page  39G G G.
GropersBlind men
Grunting peckPorke
Gentry MertA Gentlewoman
GageA pot or pipe
Grunting chatA Sucking pig
GiggerA Door
GybeAny writing or Pass
GlazyerOne that creeps in at case∣ments, or unrips glass windows to filch and steal.
GiltA Picklock,
Where note that some of them are so excellent at it, that they are furnished with all sorts of Gilts or Keys, fon a Church door to the smallest Cabinet, and al∣most at first sight will dexterously open any door, tunk, chest, or any lock whatever.
Glym JackA Link boy
Glym StickA Candlestick
GiggThe Nose
As give him a rum snitch, or •••ichel the Gigg, that is, Fillip him on the Nose.
H H H.Page  40
HarmanbeckA Constable
HarmansThe Stocks
HeaveTo Rob,
As Heave a Booth, To rob an house
Half bordSixpence
Husky lourA Guinny
HogA Shilling,
As for Example;
You Darkman-budge, will you fence your hog with me, at the next Boozing Ken. That is, d'ye hear you House-creeper, will you spend your shilling with me, at the next Alehouse.
HoodwinktBeneghted or belated
HeaverA Breast
I I I.
JagueA ditch
JarkA Seal
Jokum gageA Chamber pot
JobA Guinny
K K K.
KenAn house
KinchinA little child
Kinchin CoveA little man
KidnapperA fellow that walketh the streets, and takes all advantages to pick up the younger sort of people, whom with lies and many fair promises he inticeth on board a ship and tran∣sports them into forreign plantations.
L L L.Page  41
LightmansDay, or Day-break
LibbenA private dwelling house
LibbedgeA bed
LurriesAll manner of cloaths
Lifter, or PlyerA Crutch.
M M M.
Mow heaterA Drover
MowerA Cow
Mish topperA Coate
MaundTo beg
Margry PraterAn Hen
MillTo Steal
MakeAn half peny
Muffling cheatA Napkin
MumpersGentile Beggars, Such as will not accept of Victuals, but money or cloaths, and these beg under the pretence of being decay'd Gentlemen, Tradesmen, or such who have been burn'd out or shipwrack'd
MilkenAn house breaker
MunsThe Face,
As tout his Muns,Mark his face well
Moon CuserA Link boy
MarinatedTransported into some sor∣reign Plantation.
N N N.Page  42
NabgirderA Bridle
Nubbing KenThe Sessions house
Neck stamperA Pot-boy
Napper of NapsA Sheep-stealer
NabAn Head
Nab-cheatAn Hat
NapTo take, or cheat with the Dice, that is, by certainly securing one chance.
NaskinA Goal, or Bridewell
Nazie CoveA Drunkard
NizieA Fool or Coxcomb
NubThe Neck
Nubbing CoveThe Hangman
Nubbing cheatThe Gallows
O O O.
Old Mr GoryA piece of Gold
P P P.Page  43
PanterAn heart
Prig-starA Rival in love
PalliardOne whose Father is a born Beggar
PapplarMilk pottage
PriggTo Ride
Priggers of PrancersHorse-stealers
PriggsAre all sort of Thieves
Peck or PeckidgAny sort of meat
PlantTo lay, place, or hide
PrancerAn horse
Prating cheatA Tongue
PeakAny lace
PikeTo run
As Pie on the been,Run for it as fast as you can.
PeeterA portmantle
PadThe high-way
Plant your whids, and stow them,Be careful what you say or speak
Prig-napper.A Horse-stealer
PeeperA Looking glass,
As track the Dancers and pikes with the Peep∣er, Go up the stairs and trip off with the Looking-glass.
PeepingDrowsie, or Sleepy
Q Q Q.
QuarronA Body
Quacking cheatA Duck
QueerBase or roguish
Queer KenA Prison
Queer MertA pockie Baggage
Queer CoveA Rogue
R R R,Page  44
Rum gutlersCanary wine,
As Rum hopper, tip us presently a Bounsing cheat of Rum gutlers; Drawer fill us presently a bottle of the best Canary.
Rum dropperA Vintner
Rarling CoveA Coatchman
Rum glimmarKing of the Link boys
RumboyleA Ward or Watch
Rum VileLondon.
RuffinThe Devil,
As the Ruffin nap the Cuffin-quier, and let the Harmanbeck trine with his Kinchins about his Colquarron; That is, Let the Devil take the Justice, and let the Constable hang with his chil∣dren about his neck.
Rum boozing WeltsA bunch of Grapes
RogerA Cloak-bag
RidgcullyA Goldsmith
RufflerA notorious Rogue
Ruff peckBacon
RedshankA Mallard
Rum padThe highway
Rum PaddersThe better sort of High∣way men.
Rum CullyA rich Coxcomb
Ratling MumpersSuch who onely beg at Coaches.
Romboyl'dSought after with a War∣rant
Rum hopperA Drawer
S S S.Page  45
SqueekerA Bar-boy
Smacking CoveCoachman
ScoutA Watch
SwagA Shop
SmudgeOne that lies underneath a bed, to watch an opportunity to rob the house.
ShopliftOne that filcheth Commo∣dities out of a Shop, under the pretence of cheapning or buying them of the Shop-keeper.
ScoureTo wear
SkewA Dish
SlateA Sheet
SkipperA Barnel
Shoulder shamPartner to a File
Stam fleshTo Cant;
As the Cully Stams flesh rumly; He Cants very well
Stow your whidsBe wary
Stalling KenA Brokers shop, or an house that will recive stoln goods.
Smelling cheatA Garden or Nosegay
SalomonThe Mass
Stow your Whids and plant 'em, for the Cove of the Ken can cant 'em,Have a care what you say, the Man of the House understands you.
SmiterAn Arm
Stall whimperA Bastard
As the Cully did freely blot the Skrip, and so tipt me forty Hogs; that is, One enter'd into bond with me for forty shillings.
TTT.Page  46
Touting KenA Tavern Bar
TourTo look out
Track up the DancersGo up the Stairs
The Cul SnilchesThe man eyes you
Tip the cole to Adam TilerGive your pick-pocket mo∣ney presently to your running Comrade.
Tip the MishGive the Shirt
Tib of the butteryA Goose
TipTo give
TrineTo hang: or Tyburn
Tick-rumA Licence
Tres winsThree pence
Toppin CoveThe Hangman
TumblerA Cart
Topping cheatThe Gallows
WinA penny
Wicher-cullyA Silver-smith
As five Rum padders are rub'd in the darkmans out of the Whit, and are pik'd into the Deusea∣vile: Five Highway men in the night broke New∣gate, and are gone into the Country.
Witcher bubberA Silver Bowl;
As for example, The Cull is pik'd with the Witch∣er bubber; The Rogue is March'd off with the Sil∣ver Bowl.
Witcher-tilterA Silver-hilted sword
WicketA Casement;
As tout through the Wicket, and see where a Cul∣ly pikes with his Gentry Mort, whose Muns are the rummest I ever touted before: Look through the Casement, and see where the man walks with a Gentlewoman, whose face is the fairest I have ever seen.