The canting academy, or, The devils cabinet opened wherein is shewn the mysterious and villanous practices of that wicked crew, commonly known by the names of hectors, trapanners, gilts, &c. : to which is added a compleat canting-dictionary, both of old words, and such as are now most in use : with several new catches and songs, compos'd by the choisest wits of the age ...
Head, Richard, 1637?-1686?

5. Canting Song.

Sung commonly at their general Randez∣vous, or the night before they divided themselves into Tribes or Parties, to strol the Country.

BIng out been Morts and tour and tour,
Bing out been Morts and tour,
For all your duds are bing'd awast
The been Cove hath the lour.
I met a Dell, I view'd her well,
She was benship to my watch,
So she and I did stall and cloy
Whatever we could catch.
This Doxy Dell can cut been whids,
And wap well for a win,
And prig and cloy so benshiply
All the Deuseavile within.
The boyl was up we had good luck
As well in frost as snow,
When they did seek then did we creep
And plant in Ruffmans low.
To stroling Ken the Mort bings then
To fetch lour for her cheats,
Duds and Ruffpeck romboil'd by Harmanbeck
And won by Maunders feats.
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You Maunders all stow what you stall
To Rum-coves what so quire,
And wapping Dell that niggles well
And takes lour for her hire.
And Jybe well jerk'd tick rome confeck
For back by Glimmar to maund
To mill each Ken let Cove bing then
Through Ruffmans Jauge or laund.
Till Cramprings quire-tip Cove his hire
And Quire Ken do them Catch
A Canniken will quire Cuffin,
So quire to been Coves watch.
Been Darkmans then booz Mort and Ken,
The been Coves bing awast
On Chats to trine by Rum-Coves dine,
For his long lib at last.
Bing out been Morts and tour
Bing out of the Rome vile fine,
And tour the Cove that cloyd your duds
Upon the Chats to trine.
Thus in English.
GO forth brave Girls look out, look out,
Look out I say good Maids,
For all your cloaths are stoln I doubt,
And shar'd among the Blades.
I met a Drab I lik'd her well,
With whom I us'd to dally,
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What goods we stole we straight did sell,
And then abroad did sally.
This bouncing Trull can finely talk,
She will do for a penny,
Through every Town which she doth walk
Fails not to filch from any.
The house being rais'd aside we step
And through the mire did wade
The Hue and Cry to shun we crept
In Hedges where we laid.
To the Brokers then my Hedg-bird flies,
For goods she brings good coin,
Which though the Constable after hies
Our tricks away purloin.
You Maunding Rogues beware how you
Do steal, for search is made,
And have a care you damned whore,
Who will not do till paid.
A Licence got with forged seal
To beg (as if undone
By fire) to break each house and steal
Ore hedg and ditch then run,
Till shackles soundly pay us home,
And to the Gaol compell us,
Hells plague the Justice heart consume,
So cruel to good fellows.
Sweet Wench, Ale-house and Beer good night,
The honest Rogues departed,
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To hanging by the Justice spight
To his long home he's carted.
Away sweet Ducks with greedy eyes
From London walk up Holborn
Pursue him stole your Cloaths; he flyes
With hempen wings to Tyburn.

It now grew very late, which with the great quantity of drink made most of the company be∣take themselves to sleep, dropping one after ano∣ther, leaving none at last but my former acquain∣tance and my self together, a thing I all along de∣sired.

Being alone, prythee, said I, give me a reason why thou dost so degenerate from thy Birth and Education as to follow so lazy and so damn'd a course of life, than which their is nothing worse under the Cope of Heaven: have patience, said he, and I will endeavour your satisfaction in every thing that concerned me since my leaving the place of my nativity to this time, and that in this short re∣lation.