The canting academy, or, The devils cabinet opened wherein is shewn the mysterious and villanous practices of that wicked crew, commonly known by the names of hectors, trapanners, gilts, &c. : to which is added a compleat canting-dictionary, both of old words, and such as are now most in use : with several new catches and songs, compos'd by the choisest wits of the age ...
Head, Richard, 1637?-1686?
Page  69

Of Rogues.

THe very name of Rogue denotes the nature; it is a general title, and appertains to all such who are of dissolute lives and conversations; such who scorning both the Laws of God and man, care not what they act or perpetrate, so they may add to the increase of their sensuality and beastly manner of living. Any criminal whose actions are cognizable by the Law may come under the deno∣mination of a Rogue, as Gilts, Shoplifts, Files, Bulkers, Runners, Padders, Booth-heavers, Vou∣chers and the like.

All these have their particular Societies, and Confederacies, and they are so linked together that they seldome seperate till they hang together. If one be in Prison the rest relieve him, wherefore they seldome discover one another, for they are sworn, if one is taken not to betray the rest; and this Oath they keep inviolably, though all others they break. They have their several Wenches, and several places of meeting, where whatsoever they unlawfully obtain they spend, and whatsoever they spend is to satisfie their unsatisfied lust; wallowing in all manner of debauchery, converting the night into day and the day into night, damning and sink∣ing being four parts in five their discourse; and the rest of their pastime, drinking and whoring. Their company is dangerous, their lives detestable, and their ends miserable.