Saducismus triumphatus, or, Full and plain evidence concerning witches and apparitions in two parts : the first treating of their possibility, the second of their real existence
Glanvill, Joseph, 1636-1680., More, Henry, 1614-1687., Horneck, Anthony, 1641-1697.


This Relation is taken out of a Copy of an Au∣thentick Record, as I conceive, every half sheet having W. Aston writ in the Margin, and then again W. Aston at the end of all, who in all likelihood must be some publick Notary or Record-Keeper. But this Witch of Youghall is so famous, that I have heard Mr. Greatrix speak of her at my Lord Conway's at Ragley, and remember very well he told the story of the Awl to me there. There is in this Relati∣on an eximious example of the Magical ve∣nome of Witches (whence they are called Ve∣neficae) in that all the mischief this Witch did, was by kissing, or some way touching the party she bewitched, and she confest unless she touch∣ed her, she could do her no hurt. Which may be called a Magical venome or contagion. But how Over-looking and Bewitching are distin∣guished with those of this Hellish Fraternity, I Page  190 know not. But that Mary Longdon was be∣witch'd by her over-looking her is manifest. Whether this Over-looking relates to〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉, and that the Magical venome came out at her Eyes when she kissed the Maid, and whether this〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉was the first kind of Witchery distinct from that of bewitching peo∣ple by Images made of Wax, and afterward any bewitching by meer looking or touching, was cal∣led Over-looking, we will leave to the Cri∣ticks of that black School to decide. As also what is that, which in the Witches shape, so haunts and torments the bewitched party. For that it is not the meer fancy of the bewitched seems reasonable to judge, because their meer fancy could not create such kinds of extream torments to them. And therefore it is either the Witches Familiar in her shape, or the Astral Spirit of the Witch, because the Witch is some∣times wounded by striking at her Appearance, as it happened in the appearance of Jane Brooks, and also in that of Julian Cox, as you shall find in the Relation following.