An assertion of the government of the Church of Scotland in the points of ruling-elders and of the authority of presbyteries and synods with a postscript in answer to a treatise lately published against presbyteriall government.
Gillespie, George, 1613-1648.

CHAP. VI. The second argument taken from Christs Institution.

THe will of Christ for the authority of Synods is shew∣ed two waies. 1. Because else he hath not sufficiently provided for all the necessities of his Church. 2. He hath committed spirituall power and authority to the Assem∣blies and Courts of the Church in generall, yet hath not determined in Scripture all the particular kinds, degrees, and bounds thereof, and that for three reasons. The parti∣cular kinds of Synods appointed by the Church accord∣ing to the light of nature, and generall warrant and rules of the word, are mixed, thogh not meer divine ordinances.