An assertion of the government of the Church of Scotland in the points of ruling-elders and of the authority of presbyteries and synods with a postscript in answer to a treatise lately published against presbyteriall government.
Gillespie, George, 1613-1648.

CHAP. III. Of great Presbyteries which some call Classes.

THree false glosss on 1 Tim. 4.14. confuted. That the Apostle 〈◊〉 by the Presbytery a Assembly of Presbyters. whereof also Fathers and Councels do speak. The warrant and authority of our Classicall Presbyteries declared both by good reasons, and by the Apostolicall patern: for assertion of the latter it is proved, 1. That in ma∣ny of those Cities wherein the Apostles planted Christian religion, there was a greater number of christians then did or could ordinarily assemble into one place. 2. That in these Cities there was a plurality of Pastors. 3. That yet the whole within the City was one Church. 4. That the whole was governed by one common Presbytery. From all which a Corollary is drawne for these our Classicall Pres∣byteries.