An assertion of the government of the Church of Scotland in the points of ruling-elders and of the authority of presbyteries and synods with a postscript in answer to a treatise lately published against presbyteriall government.
Gillespie, George, 1613-1648.

CHAP. XI. Objections made against the authority of Synods answered.

THe place Math. 18.17. discussed. That one visible politicall Church may comprehend many Congrega∣tions, proved. That the authority of Presbyteries and Sy∣nods doth not rob the Congregations of their liberties, as the Prelacie did. A visible Church may be considered either metaphysically, or politically: This distinction ex∣plained, serveth to obviat sundry arguments alledge for the independent power of Congregations. Other two objections answered, which have been lately made.