The catalogue of all the discourses published against popery, during the reign of King James II by the members of the Church of England, and by the non-conformists with the names of the authors of them.
Gee, Edward, 1657-1730.
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Febr. 28th, 1688/89.

Guil. Needham.

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THE CATALOGUE Of all the DISCOURSES PUBLISHED Against Popery, During the Reign of King JAMES II.

BY THE Members of the Church of ENGLAND, And by the Non-conformists.

WITH THE Names of the Authors of them.

LONDON: Printed, and are to be Sold by R. Baldwin, next Door to the Black Bull in the Old-Bailey. MDCLXXXIX.

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A CATALOGUE Of all the Discourses Published against POPERY, BY THE Members of the Church of England, and by the Non-conformists, during the Reign of King JAMES the Second, &c.

IT will not be improper, to premise to this Cata∣logue, an Account of those Treatises against Po∣pery, which were undertaken, and part of them published near the end of the Reign of King Charles the Second. It is not unknown to the World, how great a Care, and truly Christian Concern the Clergy of London in particular, did discover for the Interest of the Protestant Religion, and for a happy U∣nion of all moderate Protestants within this Nation; nor with what Moderation and Calmness, Learning and Plainness several Tracts and Casuistical Discourses were Penn'd for that good purpose, and how successful they were, by the Blessing of God, to the lessening our Diffe∣rences, and removing needless Scruples, and perswad∣ing great Numbers to return and unite themselves to their Parish Churches.

This happy Success gave them hopes of reducing by Page  2 the same Method, the Papists among us, and put them upon designing and writing for their sakes, a Set of Tracts wherein the Controversie was to be fairly and calmly stated betwixt Us and the Church of Rome, and such Arguments and Reasons used, as might convince all consciencious Papists of the Errours and Danger in their Church.

Of these, the following were published before the end of the Reign of King Charles the Second:

1. A Discourse concerning the Necessity of Reformati∣on, with respect to the Errours and Corruptions of the Church of Rome. Part I. Written by Dr. Strat∣ford, Dean of St. Asaph.

2. The Second Part of the same Discourse, by the same learned hand, from whom we expect ere long the Third and Last Part.

3. A Perswasive to an Ingenuous Tryal of Opinions in Religion. Written by Mr. Nich. Clegatt.

4. A Discourse against Transubstantiation. By Dr. Til∣lotson, Dean of Canterbury.

5. A Discourse about Tradition, shewing what is meant by it, and what Tradition is to be Received, and what is to be Rejected. By Dr. Patrick, Dean of Peterburgh.

6. The Protestant Resolution of Faith: being an An∣swer to three Questions,

I. How far we must depend on the Authority of the Church, for the true Sence of Scripture?

II. Whether a Visible Succession from Christ, to this day, makes a Church, which has this Visible Succession, an Infallible Interpreter of Scripture?

III. Whether the Church of England can make out such a Visible Succession?

By Dr. Sherlock, Master of the Temple.

Page  3 7. A Discourse concerning a Guide in Matters of Faith, with respect especially to the Romish Pretence of such a One as is Infallible. By Dr. Tenison, Vicar of St. Martin's in the Fields.

8. A Discourse about the Charge of Novelty upon the Reformed Church of England, made by the Papists asking of us the Question, Where was our Religion before Luther? By Dr. Hascard, Dean of Windsor.

9. The Difference of the Case between the Separation of Protestants from the Church of Rome, and the Se∣paration of Dissenters from the Church of England. By Dr. Clagett, late Preacher to the Honourable So∣ciety of Grey's Inn.

10. A Discourse concerning the Devotions of the Church of Rome, especially as compared with those of the Church of England: in which it is shewn, that whatsoever the Romanists pretend, there is not so true Devotion among them, nor such rational Pro∣vision for it, nor Encouragement to it, as in the Church Established by Law amongst us. By Dr. Stanley, Clerk of the Closet to her Majesty.

11. A Discourse concerning Prayer in an Unknown Tongue. By Mr. Williams, Rector of St. Mildred's Poultrey.

12. A Discourse concerning the Object of Religious Worship; or a Scripture-Proof of the Unlawfulness of giving any Religious Worship to any other Being besides the Supreme God. By Dr. Sherlock.

13. A Discourse of the Unity of the Catholick Church, maintained in the Church of England. By Dr. Cave, Canon of Windsor.

14. A Discourse concerning the Adoration of the Host▪ By Mr. Payne, Rector of St. Mary White-chappel.

15. A Discourse concerning the Invocation of Saints. By Dr. Freeman, Rector of St. Ann Aldersgate.

Page  4 16. A Discourse concerning Auricular Confession, as it is prescribed by the Council of Trent. By Dr. Good∣man, Arch-deacon of Middlesex.

Thus far had the Clergy proceeded with these Discourses at the Death of King Charles the Second: and now, upon the Accession of a King of the Romish Perswasion to the Throne, they were quickly forced to change their Method, and to be upon the Defensive Part, their Protestant Reli∣gion being freely struck at under the Countenance of a King of their own Communion, by the Romish Priests; and heavy things laid to their charge for having Calum∣niated and Mis-represented the King's Religion: They lit∣tle feared any opposition from the Clergy of the Church of England, since they could not but judge them so cautious at least, as not to face such inevitable Danger, and mark themselves out for Destruction, by daring so much as to mutter any thing, much less write against the King's Reli∣gion, which it would have been very happy for the Priests (who have come off so shamefully since) if they could have made it High-Treason at first, which I am confident they wanted no will to do.

However, our Clergy valued their Religion and their Church much more than their own Safety, or worldly Inte∣rest; and a Romish Priest could not sooner begin the Quarrel, and open the way to that large Controversie which hath been managing ever since, by charging our Church with Calumny and Mis-representation of the Church of Rome, than he met with an Answerer, who did indeed deserve the Honour of being the Leader of our Clergy, in this large Controversie, wherein so many have been forced to engage.

I will first give an account of the Controversie with him who wrote the first Book, called, A Papist Mis-repre∣sented and Represented, and then proceed with my Cata∣loguePage  5 as Methodically as I can. In Answer to that Book was first written,

17. The Doctrines and Practices of the Church of Rome, truly Represented; in Answer to a Book en∣tituled, A Papist Mis-represented and Represented, &c. By Dr. Stillingfleet, Dean of St. Paul's.

18. A Papist not Mis-represented by Protestants; be∣ing a Reply to the Reflections upon the Doctrines and Practices of the Church of Rome, truly Represented. By Dr. Sherlock.

19. Remarks on Popery Mis-represented, with reference to the Deposing Doctrine. By Mr. A. Seller of Ply∣mouth.

20. An Answer to a Discourse intituled, Papists Pro∣testing against Protestant Popery; containing a par∣ticular Examination of Monsieur de Meaux's, late Bi∣shop of Condom, Exposition of the Doctrines of the Church of Rome, in the Articles of the Invocation of Saints, and Worship of Images. By Dr. Sherlock.

21. An Answer to the Amicable Accommodation of the Difference between the Representer and the Answer∣er. By Dr. Sherlock.

22. A View of the whole Controversie between the Representer and the Answerer; with an Answer to the Representer's last Reply. By Dr. Clagett.

23. A Catechism truly Representing the Doctrines and Practices of the Church of Rome, with an Answer to them. By Mr. Williams.

After this, the Author of a Papist Mis-represented and Represented, was pleased to venture on▪ in a Second Part to the same strain, which he published under the Title of the Catholick Representer, and Weekly in single Sheets; the Answers to which were these:

Page  6 24. The Papist Represented, and not Mis-represented: being in Answer to the first Sheet of the second Part of the Papist Mis-represented and Represented, and for a further Vindication of the Catechism truly Re∣presenting the Doctrines and Practices of the Church of Rome. By Mr. Williams.

25. The Papist Represented, and not Mis-represented: being in Answer to the second Sheet of the second Part of the Papist Mis-represented and Represented, in the Point of their Praying to the Cross. By Mr. Williams.

26. Transubstantiation no Doctrine of the Primitive Fathers: being a Defence of the Dublin Letter, in Answer to the third Chapter of the second Part of the Papist, &c. By Mr. Patrick, Preacher at the Charter-house.

27. Wholesom Advices from the Blessed Virgin, to her Indiscreet Worshippers. Translated from the French, and published with an Ingenious Preface. By J. Taylor, Gent.

28. A Letter to the Mis-representer of Papists, in An∣swer to the fourth Sheet of the second Part of the Pa∣pist, &c. By Mr. James Taylor.

29. The Papist Represented, and not Mis-represented: being in Answer to the fifth and sixth Chapters of the second Part of the Papist, &c. as far as concerns Praying to Images and the Cross. By Mr. Williams.

30. The Peoples Right to Read the Holy Scriptures as∣serted; in Answer to the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth Chapters of the second Part of the Papist, &c. By Dr. Stratford.

Page  7 Ʋpon the publishing of the two Papers said to be writ∣ten by King Charles the Second, in favour of Popery, and found in his strong Box by the late King, and the other Paper written by the late Dutchess of York, there was an Answer written to the Arguing Part of them, with all the Decency and Respect that was due to the Names which the Papers bore.

31. An Answer to some Papers lately printed, concern∣ing the Authority of the Catholick Church in Mat∣ters of Faith, and the Reformation of the Church of England. By Dr. Stillingfleet, Dean of St. Paul's.

32. A Vindication of the Answer to some late Papers concerning the Unity and Authority of the Catholick Church, and the Reformation of the Church of Eng∣land. By Dr. Stillingfleet.

33. The Difference betwixt the Protestant and Socini∣an Methods; in Answer to a Book written by a Ro∣manist, and intituled, The Protestant's Plea for a So∣cinian. By Dr. Tenison.

34. A Discourse concerning a Judge of Controversies in Matters of Religion. By Dr. Sherlock.

35. An Answer to a late Dialogue between a New Ca∣tholick Convert, and a Protestant. By Dr. Sher∣lock.

36. A second Dialogue between a New Catholick Con∣vert, and a Protestant; shewing why he cannot be∣lieve the Doctrine of Transubstantiation, tho' he do firmly believe the Doctrine of the Trinity. By Mr. Kidder, Rector of St. Martin's Outwich.

37. The Doctrine of the Trinity and Transubstantiati∣on compared as to Scripture, Reason, and Tradition: In a new Dialogue between a Protestant and a Papist. Part I. By Dr. Stillingfleet.

Page  8 38. The Doctrine of the Trinity and Transubstantiati∣on compared, &c. Part II. By Dr. Stillingfleet.

39. An Exposition of the Doctrine of the Church of England, in the several Articles proposed by the Bi∣shop of Condom, in his Exposition of the Doctrine of the Catholick Faith. By Mr. Wake, Preacher to the Honourable Society of Grey's Inn.

40. An Answer to the Bishop of Condom's Exposition, &c. with Reflections upon his Pastoral Letter. By Mr. Gilbert, Minister of Peterburgh.

41. A Defence of the Exposition of the Doctrine of the Church of England, against the Exceptions of the Bishop of Condom, and his Vindicator. By Mr. Wake.

42. A second Defence of the Exposition of the Do∣ctrine of the Church of England, against the New Exceptions of Monsieur de Meaux and his Vindica∣tor. Part. I. In which the Account that has been given of the Bishop of Meaux's Exposition, is ful∣ly vindicated; the Distinction of Old and New Po∣pery Historically asserted; and the Doctrine of the Church of Rome, in point of Image-Worship, more particularly consider'd. By Mr. Wake.

43. An Answer to the Representer's Reflections upon the State and View of the Controversie: with a Re∣ply to the Vindicator's Full Answer; shewing, That the Vindicator [of the Bishop of Meaux] has utterly ruined the New Design of Expounding and Repre∣senting Popery. By Dr. Clagett.

44. A second Defence of the Exposition of the Do∣ctrine of the Church of England, against the New Exceptions of Monsieur de Meaux, and his Vindica∣tor. Part II. In which the Romish Doctrines con∣cerning the Nature and Object of Religious Worship, of the Invocation of Saints, and Worship of Images Page  9 and Reliques, are consider'd, and the Charge of Ido∣latry made good against those of the Church of Rome, upon the account of them. By Mr. Wake.

45. An Apologetical Vindication of the Church of Eng∣land, in Answer to those who reproach her with the English Heresies and Schisms, or suspect her not to be a Catholick Church, upon their account. By Dr. Hicks, Dean of Worcester.

46. Veteres Vindicati: In an Expostulatory Letter to Mr. Sclater of Putney, upon his Consensus Veterum; wherein the Absurdity of his Method, and the Weak∣ness of his Reasons are shewn, his false Aspersions up∣on the Church of England are wiped off, and Her Faith concerning the Eucharist, proved to be That of the Primitive Church: Together with Animad∣versions upon Dean Boileau's French Translation of, and Remarks upon Bertram. By Mr. Gee, Rector of St. Benedict Paul's Wharff.

About the time of the publishing of the abovemention∣ed Discourses, some of the Romish Priests were for chang∣ing the Method of managing the Controversie betwixt the Church of England and the Church of Rome, for lea∣ving off Writing, and set Answers in Print, which they were now grown sick of, and for betaking themselves to Verbal Conferences, hoping for more success by their Tongues, than by their Pens. Mr. Peter Gooden, a Se∣cular Priest, was pleased to single out himself for such purposes; but for his fitness or abilities, no body could find any, except this may be reckoned one, that tho' he was Master of very little or no Learning at all, yet he wanted not the Gift of Assurance to encounter the very learnedst Men among us. On February the 21st, 1686, he had a Conference with Dr. Clagett about Transubstan∣tiation, Page  10 which with two Papers that passed after the Conference betwixt Dr. Clagett and him, shall be pub∣lished shortly, with a Volume of the Doctor's Sermons now in the Press. This Conference hath been kept pri∣vate hitherto; but that which made more noise in the World, was Mr. Gooden's Conference about Oral Tradi∣tion, about the same time with Dr. Stillingfleet, Dean of St. Paul's; a Conference that was famous for nothing but the Noisiness of the Priest while it was managing, and his Vanity after it was over, together with that of his Se∣cond, famous John Sergeant, which were the occasion of these following learned Tracts.

47. A Letter to Mr. G. giving a true Account of a late Conference at the D. of P.'s. By Dr. Stillingfleet.

48. A Second Letter to Mr. Gooden, in Answer to two Letters lately publish'd concerning the Conference at the Dean of Paul's. By Dr. Stillingfleet.

49. A Letter to a Friend; Reflecting on some Passages in a Letter to the D. of Paul's, in Answer to the Ar∣guing Part of his First Letter to Mr. G. By Mr. El∣lys of Nottingham-shire.

50. Scripture and Tradition Compared: in a Sermon Preach'd at Guild-Hall-Chappel. By Dr. Stilling∣fleet.

51. A Discourse concerning the Nature and Grounds of the Certainty of Faith, in Answer to J. Sergeant's Catholick Letters. By Dr. Stillingfleet.

52. An Historical Discourse concerning Tradition. By Mr. Williams.

53. The Reflecter's Defence of his Letter to a Friend, against the furious Assaults of Mr. John Sergeant, in his Second Catholick Letter. In four Dialogues. By Mr. Ellys of Nottingham-shire.

Page  11 54. The Council of Trent Examin'd and Disproved by Catholick Tradition, in the main Points in Contro∣versie betwixt Us and the Church of Rome; with a particular Account of the Times and Occasions of introducing them. Part I. To which a Preface is prefixed concerning the true Sence of the Council of Trent, and the Notion of Transubstantiation. By the Dean of St. Paul's.

The other Part we may expect ere long.

One of the greatest Arguments insisted on by the Ro∣mish Priests, to prove theirs to be the Catholick Church, is from the Notes of the Church, every one of which they did loudly pretend was to be found among them; upon this occasion it was that several of the Clergy of Lon∣don did undertake the Consideration of the Notes of the Church as laid down by Bellarmine himself, and shew'd in the following Method, how little reason the Romish Church had to pretend to the true Notes of a Catho∣lick Church.

55. A brief Discourse concerning the Notes of the Church; with some Reflections on Cardinal Bellar∣mine's Notes. By Dr. Sherlock.

56. An Examination of Bellarmine's First Note concern∣ing The NAME of CATHOLICK. By Dr. Free∣man.

57. An Examination of Bellarmine's Second Note con∣cerning ANTIQUITY. By Dr. Patrick.

58. An Examination of Bellarmine's Third Note con∣cerning DURATION. By Mr. Williams.

59. An Examination of Bellarmine's Fourth Note con∣cerning AMPLITUDE or MULTITUDE, and VARIETY of BELIEVERS. By Dr. Fowler, Re∣ctor of St. Giles's Criple-gate.

Page  12 60. An Examination of Bellarmine's Fifth Note con∣cerning The SUCCESSION of BISHOPS. By Dr. Thorp, Canon of Canterbury.

61. An Examination of Bellarmine's Sixth Note con∣cerning AGREEMENT in DOCTRINE with the PRIMITIVE CHURCH. By Mr. Payne.

62. An Examination of Bellarmine's Seventh Note con∣cerning UNION of the MEMBERS among THEM∣SELVES, and with the HEAD. By Dr. Clagett.

63. An Examination of Bellarmine's Eighth Note con∣cerning SANCTITY of DOCTRINE. By Dr. Scott, Rector of St. Peter Poor.

64. An Examination of Bellarmine's Ninth Note con∣cerning EFFICACY of the DOCTRINE. By Mr. Linford, Rector of St. Edmond's Lombard-street.

65. An Examination of Bellarmine's Tenth Note con∣cerning HOLINESS of LIFE. By Dr. Tenison.

66. An Examination of Bellarmine's Eleventh Note con∣cerning The GLORY of MIRACLES. By Mr. Resbury, Minister of Putney.

67. An Examination of Bellarmine's Twelfth Note con∣cerning The LIGHT of PROPHECY. By Dr. Clagett.

68. An Examination of Bellarmine's Thirteenth Note concerning CONFESSION of ADVERSARIES. By Mr. Kidder.

69. An Examination of Bellarmine's Fourteenth Note concerning The UNHAPPY END of the CHURCH's ENEMIES. By Dr. Stratford.

70. An Examination of Bellarmine's Fifteenth Note concerning TEMPORAL FELICITY. By Dr. Grove, Rector of St. Andrew Ʋndershaft.

71. A Vindication of the brief Discourse concerning the Notes of the Church, in Answer to a late Pam∣phlet, Page  13 Intituled, The Ʋse and great Moment of the Notes of the Church, as deliver'd by Cardinal Bellar∣mine, (de Notis Ecclesiae) Justified. By Dr. Sher∣lock.

72. A Defence of the Confuter of Bellarmine's Second Note of the Church (ANTIQUITY) against the Cavils of the Adviser. By Mr. Tully, Preacher at Newcastle upon Tine.

I believe I shall oblige some of my Readers, if I adver∣vertise them, that there is a compleat Table to the whole Set of these Tracts about the Notes of the Church, published by Mr. Chiswel, who printed all the several Tracts themselves.

73. A full View of the Doctrines and Practices of the Ancient Church, relating to the Eucharist, wholly different from those of the present Roman Church, and inconsistent with the Belief of Transubstantiati∣on, being a sufficient Confutation of Consensus Vete∣rum, Nubes Testium, and other late Collections of the Fathers, pretending the contrary. By Mr. Pa∣trick.

74. A Discourse concerning the Sacrifice of the Mass. By Mr. Payne.

75. An Historical Treatise written by an Author of the Communion of the Church of Rome, touching Transubstantiation, wherein is made appear, that ac∣cording to the Principles of that Church, this Do∣ctrine cannot be an Article of Faith. Publish'd by Mr. Wake.

76. A Paraphrase with Notes, and a Preface upon the sixth Chapter of St. John. By Dr. Clagett.

Page  14 77. Six Conferences concerning the Eucharist; where∣in is shewed, That the Doctrine of Transubstantia∣tion overthrows the Proofs of Christian Religion. Written by Mr. de la Placette, and Translated and Published by Dr. Tenison.

78. A brief Discourse of the Real Presence. By Dr. Henry More, late Fellow of Christ's Colledge, Cam∣bridge.

79. A brief Declaration of the Lord's Supper. Writ∣ten by Dr. Nicholas Ridley, Bishop of London, du∣ring his Imprisonment. With some Determinations and Disputations concerning the same Argument, by the same Author. Published by Mr. Wharton, Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

80. Diallacticon Viri Boni & Literati, &c. Written by Dr. Poynet, Bishop of Winchester, in Edward the Sixth's days, and published by Mr. Pelling, Rector of St. Martin's Ludgate.

81. Transubstantiation contrary to Scripture: or, the Protestant's Answer to the Seeker's Request. By Robert N—n, Esq

82. The Protestant's Answer to the Catholick Letter to the Seeker: or, a Vindication of the Protestant's Answer to the Seeker's Request. By Mr. Wil∣liams.

83. The Absolute Impossibility of Transubstantiation Demonstrated. By Mr. Samuel Johnson.

84. The School of the Eucharist; Translated and Pub∣lished with an excellent Preface. By Dr. Clagett.

85. A Discourse of the Holy Eucharist, in the two great Points of the Real Presence, and the Adorati∣on of the Host. By Mr. Wake.

86. A Reply to two Discourses lately printed at Ox∣ford, concerning the Adoration of our Blessed Sa∣viour Page  15 in the Holy Eucharist. By Dr. Aldrich, Ca∣non of Christ-Church, Oxford.

87. A Defence of the Reply to two Discourses lately printed at Oxford, concerning the Adoration, &c. By Dr. Aldrich.

88. A Discourse of the Communion in One Kind, in Answer to a Treatise of the Bishop of Meaux, of Communion, &c. By Mr. Payne.

89. A Demonstration that the Church of Rome and her Councils have Erred; by shewing that the Councils of Constance, Basil, and Trent, have in all their Decrees touching Communion in One Kind, contradicted the received Doctrine of the Church of Christ. By Dr. Whitby, Precentor of Salisbury.

90. The Lay-Christian's Obligation to Read the Ho∣ly Scripture. By Dr. Stratford.

91. A Treatise proving Scripture to be the Rule of Faith. Writ by Reginald Peacock, Bishop of Chi∣chester, before the Reformation, about the Year 1450. Published with a Preface, by Mr. Whar∣ton.

92. An Answer to the Request to Protestants to pro∣duce plain Scriptures directly Authorizing their Tenets. By Dr. Sherlock.

93. A Summary of the Principal Controversies be∣tween the Church of England and the Church of Rome, in Answer to Protestancy Destitute of Scri∣pture-Proof. By Dr. Sherlock.

94. An Answer to the Address presented to the Mi∣nisters of the Church of England. By Mr. Wil∣liams.

95. A Vindication of the Answer to the Popish Ad∣dress presented to the Ministers of the Church of England, in Reply to a Pamphlet abusively Inti∣tuled, Page  16A Clear Proof of the Certainty and Ʋseful∣ness of the Protestant Rule of Faith. By Mr. Wil∣liams.

96. Of the Authority of Councils, and the Rule of Faith; with an Answer to the Eight Theses, laid down for the Tryal of the English Reformation, in a Book that came lately from Oxford, the first Part about Councils, written by—Hutchison, Esq the rest by Dr. Clagett.

97. An Historical Examination of the Authority of General Councils, shewing the false Dealing that hath been used in the Publishing of them; and the Difference amongst the Papists themselves about their Number. By Mr. Jenkins, Fellow of St. John's Colledge, in Cambrige.

98. A Discourse concerning the pretended Sacrament of Extream Ʋnction; with an Account of the Occasions and Beginnings of it in the Western Church. In three Parts. With a Letter to the Vindicator of the Bishop of Condom. By Dr. Cla∣gett.

99. A second Letter from the Author of the Dis∣course concerning Extream Ʋnction, to the Vin∣ditator of the Bishop of Condom. By Dr. Cla∣gett.

100. Two Discourses; of Purgatory, and Prayers for the Dead. By Mr. Wake.

101. A Treatise of the Celibacy of the Clergy, where∣in its Rise and Progress are Historically consider∣ed. By Mr. Wharton.

102. A Discourse concerning the Merits of Good Works. By the Reverend Mr. Allix.

103. The Incurable Scepticism of the Church of Rome: Written by the Author of the Six Confe∣rences Page  17 concerning the Eucharist, and Translated and Published by Dr. Tenison.

104. A Treatise in Confutation of the Latine Service practised, and by the Order of the Council of Trent, continued in the Church of Rome. By Dr. Whitby.

105. A Discourse concerning the Nature, Ʋnity and Communion of the Catholick Church: wherein most of the Controversies relating to the Church, are briefly and plainly Stated. Part I. By Dr. Sher∣lock.

The Author did intend, and we hope will ere long gratify the World with the Second Part of this Dis∣course concerning the Church.

106. The Pillar and Ground of Truth; a Treatise shewing that the Roman Church falsly Claims to be That Church, and the Pillar of That Truth mention∣ed by St. Paul in 1. Tim. III. 11, 15. By Dr. Pa∣trick.

107. A Discourse concerning Penance, shewing how the Doctrine of it, in the Church of Rome, makes void true Repentance. By Mr. Allix.

108. A short Discourse concerning the Church's Au∣thority in Matters of Faith. By Ignotus.

109. A Plain and Familiar Discourse, by way of Dia∣logue, betwixt a Minister and his Parishioner, con∣cerning the Catholick Church. By Dr. Freeman.

110. A few Plain Reasons, why a Protestant of the Church of England should not turn Roman Catholick. By the Bishop of Lincoln.

111. Reasons why a Protestant should not turn Pa∣pist; in a Letter to a Romish Priest. By Ignotus:

112. The Country Parson's Admonition to his Pari∣shioners; Page  18 with Directions how to Behave them∣selves, when any one designs to Seduce them from the Church of England. By Dr. Asheton, Rector of—in Surrey.

113. The Plain Man's Reply to the Catholick Missio∣naries. By Dr. Asheton.

114. A Defence of the Plain Man's Reply. By the same Hand.

115. A Defence of the Country Parson's Admonition. By the same Hand.

116. Monsieur Claude's Conference with the Bishop of Meaux. Translated and published by Ignotus.

117. A Discourse shewing that Protestants are on the safer Side, notwithstanding the Uncharitable Judge∣ment of their Adversaries; and that their Religion is the surest Way to Heaven. By Mr. Bolieu, Chap∣lain to the Lord Chancellour Jeffreys.

118. An Historical Discourse concerning the Necessi∣ty of the Ministers Intentions in Administring the Sacrament. By Mr. Allix.

119. A Sermon on St. Mark's Day. By Dr. Patrick.

120. An Answer to the Compiler of the Nubes Testi∣um; wherein is shewn, that Antiquity (in relation to the Points of Controversie set down by him) did not for the first five hundred Years Believe, Teach, and Practise, as the Church of Rome doth at pre∣sent Believe, Teach, and Practise. Together with a Vindication of the Veteres Vindicati, from the Attempts of the Author of Transubstantiation De∣fended. By Mr. Gee.

About this time a more diverting Project was set on foot by the Papists, to make the Clergy obnoxious to the Government, or to ruine their Reputation among their Page  19 own People: The Representer, who had mis-carried so much in his Attempt of putting Varnisht Popery upon us, is known to have had no small share in the New Project; which was to Represent our Pulpits as perpetually filled with Ʋntruths and Calumnies, with odious Representati∣ons and Characters of Popery: this was done under the specious Pretence of giving Good Advice to the Pulpits; in hopes, no doubt, that the Government would have done as Queen Mary did, Silence the Preachers, who took such liberty of striking at the King's Person thro' his Religion.

But if this failed, then to try the other part of the Project, which was to have perswaded the Protestants of England, that notwithstanding the present Opposition of the Clergy, there was in reality a very good Agreement between the Church of England and the Church of Rome; and this was to have got the People to have silenced their Clergy by running away from them as Papists in their hearts: But both parts of this very Hopeful, but very Ʋnchristian Project, were successively defeated by these following Tracts:

121. An Apology for the Pulpits, in Answer to Good Advice to the Pulpits, &c. By Mr. Williams.

122. Pulpit-Popery, True Popery; in Defence of the Apology, and in Answer to a Book intituled, Pulpit-Sayings, or the Characters of a Pulpit-Papist Exa∣mined. By Mr. Williams.

123. A Vindication of some Protestant Principles of Church-Unity and Catholick Communion, from the Charge of Agreement with the Church of Rome▪ By Dr. Sherlock.

124. The Difference between the Church of England and the Church of Rome, in Opposition to a late Book intituled, An Agreement between the Church of England and the Church of Rome. By Mr. Williams.

Page  20 125. A Vindication of the Principles of the Author of the Answer to the Compiler of the Nubes Testium, from the Charge of Popery, in Answer to a late pretend∣ed Letter from a Dissenter to the Divines of the Church of England. By Mr. Gee.

Concerning the Supremacy of St. Peter, and the Bi∣shops of Rome, and their Infallibility, these Discourses were published:

126. A Sermon preach'd upon St. Peter's Day: Print∣ed at the Desire of some that heard it, with some En∣largements, by a Divine of the Church of England. By Dr. Patrick.

127. The Catholick Balance; or, a Discourse deter∣mining the Controversies concerning

I. The Tradition of Catholick Doctrines.

II. The Primacy of St. Peter, and the Bishop of Rome.

III. The Subjection and Authority of the Church in a Christian State.

By Mr. Hill of Kilmanton, Somerset-shire.

128. The Antiquity of the Protestant Religion; with an Answer to Mr. Sclater's Reasons, and the Colle∣ctions of the Nubes Testium. By Mr. Pelling.

129. Sure and Honest Means for the Conversion of all Hereticks; and Wholesome Advice and Expedients for the Reformation of the Church. Translated, and Published with a Preface, by Mr. Wake.

130. Dialogues between Philerene and Philalethe. Pub∣lished by Ignotus.

131. A Discourse of the Pope's Supremacy. Part I. In Answer to a Treatise intituled, St. Peter's Supre∣macy faithfully Discus'd, according to Holy Scripture, and Greek and Latine Fathers: And to Dr. Godden's Page  21 Sermon of St. Peter, Preach'd before the Queen Dowager. By Dr. Stratford.

132. Doubts concerning the Roman Infallibility,

I. Whether the Church of Rome Believe it?

II. Whether Jesus Christ, or his Apostles ever Re∣commended it?

III. Whether the Primitive Church knew, or used that way of deciding Controversie?

By Ignotus.

133. An Answer to a Book entituled, Reason and Au∣thority, or the Motives of a late Protestant's Reconci∣liation to the Catholick Church: With a brief Account of Augustine the Monk, and Conversion of England. By Dr. Bembridge, Fellow of Trinity Colledge in Cam∣bridge.

134. A Vindication of the Church of England from the foul Aspersions of Schism and Heresie unjustly cast upon her by the Church of Rome. In two Parts. By Mr. Altham, a Minister in Essex.

135. An Answer to a late printed Paper, given about by some of the Church of Rome, in a Letter to a Gentle∣man. By Mr. Williams.

136. Notes upon Lucilla and Elizabeth. By Dr. Sher∣lock.

137. The State of the Church of Rome, when the Re∣formation Began, as it appears by the Advices given to Paul III. and Julius III. by Creatures of their Own. By Dr. Clagett.

138. Reflections on the Relation of the English Refor∣mation, lately printed at Oxford, and on the Oxford Theses. In two Parts. By Dr. Burnet, Clerk of the Closet to his Majesty.

139. An Answer to the Considerations which obliged Dean Manby to embrace what he calls the Catholick Re∣ligion. By Mr. King, Chancellor of St. Patrick's Dublin.

Page  22 140. An Answer to the Spirit of Martin Luther, and the Original of the Reformation, lately printed at Ox∣ford. By Mr. Atterbury, Student of Christ-Church.

141. Animadversions of Mr. W.'s Discourse of Church-Government. In two Parts. By Mr. Smalridge.

142. The Reformation of the Church of England Justi∣fied, according to the Canons of the Council of Nice, and other General Councils, and the Tradition of the Catholick Church, being an Answer to a Paper re∣printed at Oxford, intituled, The Schism of the Church of England Demonstrated, &c. By Dr. Saywel, Ma∣ster of Jesus-Colledge, Cambridge.

143. The Queries offered by T. W. to the Protestants concerning the English Reformation. Reprinted and Answered by Dr. Clagett.

Concerning Invocation of Saints, the Worship of I∣mages, and the Idolatry of the Church of Rome in gene∣ral, these following Discourses were published:

144. A Discourse concerning the Worship of the Bles∣sed Virgin and the Saints; with an Account of the Beginning and Rise of it among Christians; in An∣swer to Monsieur de Meaux's Appeal to the Fourth Age in his Exposition, and Pastoral Letter. By Dr. Clagett.

145. Speculum B. Virginis: a Discourse of the Due Praise and Honour of the Virgin Mary. By Dr. Hicks.

146. The Primitive Fathers no Papists; in Answer to the Vindication of the Nubes Testium. To which is added, An Historical Discourse concerning Invocati∣on of Saints, in Answer to the Challenge of F. Lewis Sabran, Jesuit. By Mr. Gee.

147. An Account of the Life and Death of the B. Vir∣gin, according to Romish Writers, with the Grounds of the Worship paid to her; and a Preface in Answer Page  23 to the Apology for the Contemplations on the Life and Glory of Holy Mary. By Mr. Fleetwood, Fellow of King's Colledge, Cambridge.

148. The Life of St. Mary Magdalene of Pazzi, a Car∣melite Nun; with a Preface of the Nature, Causes, Concomitants, and Consequences of Extasie and Ra∣pture; and a brief Discourse added about Discerning and Trying Spirits, whether they be of God. By Dr. T. Smith, Fellow of Magdalene-Colledge, Oxford.

149. The Virgin Mary Mis-represented by the Roman Church, in the Traditions of that Church concern∣ing her Life and Glory, and in the Devotions paid to her as the Mother of God: Both shewed out of the Office of that Church, the Lessons on her Festivals, and from their allowed Authors. Part I. Where∣in two of her Feasts, her Conception and Nativity are Considered. By Mr. Patrick.

150. A Letter to Father Lewis Sabran, Jesuit, in An∣swer to his Letter to a Peer of the Church of Eng∣land, clearing a Point in a Sermon preached at Che∣ster, in Answer to a Postscript joyned unto the Answer to Nubes Testium. By Mr. Gee.

151. A Second Letter to Father Lewis Sabran, Jesuit, in Answer to his Reply. By Mr. Gee.

152. An Abridgement of the Prerogatives of St. Ann, Mother of the Mother of God, with the Approbati∣on of the Doctors at Paris, &c. To which a Pre∣face is added, concerning the Original of the Story. Published by Dr. Clagett.

153. A Third Letter to F. Lewis Sabran, Jesuit; where∣in the Defence of his Challenge concerning Invocation of Saints, is Examin'd and Confuted. By Mr. Gee.

154. A Letter to the Superiours (whether Bishops or Priests) which Approve or License the Popish Books in England; particularly to those of the Jesuites Or∣der, Page  24 concerning Lewis Sabran, a Jesuit. By Mr. Gee.

155. The Fallibility of the Roman Church Demonstra∣ted from the manifest Error of the second Nicene and Trent Councils; which assert, That the Veneration and Honorary Worship of Images, is a Tradition A∣postolical and Primitive. By Dr. Whitby.

156. The Antiquity of the Protestant Religion, con∣cerning Images; with an Answer to the Collections made by the Author of the Pamphlet, intituled, Nu∣bes Testium; in a Letter to a Person of Quality. By Mr. Pelling.

157. A Third Letter to a Person of Quality; being a Vindication of the former, in Answer to a late Pam∣plet intituled, A Discourse of the Ʋse of Images. By Mr. Pelling.

158. A Discourse concerning the Second Council of Nice, which first Introduced, and Established Image-Worship in the Christian Church, Anno Dom. 787. By Dr. Comber, Praecentor of York.

159. A Discourse concerning Transubstantiation and Idolatry; being an Answer to the Bishop of Oxford's Plea relating to those two Points. By Dr. G. Burnet.

160. A Discourse concerning the Nature of Idolatry; in which a late Author's [viz. the Bishop of Oxford] true and only Notion of Idolatry is Consider'd and Confuted. By Mr. Wake.

Concerning the Validity and Canonicalness of the Or∣ders of the Church of England, and the Ʋncertainty of those of the Church of Rome, we have had these follow∣ing Tracts written:

Page  25 161. A Vindication of the Ordinations of the Church of England; in which it is Demonstrated, that all the Essentials of Ordination, according to the Pra∣ctice of the Primitive and Greek Churches, are still retained in our Church; in Answer to a Paper writ∣ten by one of the Church of Rome, to prove the Nul∣lity of our Orders; and given to a Person of Quali∣ty. By Dr. Burnet, Nominated Bishop of Salisbury.

162. Concio ad Clerum habita coram Academia Canta∣brigiensi Jun. 11o. 1687, &c. ubi Vindicatur Vera & Valida Cleri Anglicani, ineunte Reformatione, Ordi∣natio. Cui accessit Concio habita Jul. 3o. 1987. de Canonicâ Cleri Anglicani Ordinatione Latine reddita & aucta: annexum est Instrumentum Consecrationis Matth. Parker Archiep. Cantuar. By Mr. Thomas Brown, Fellow of St. John's Colledge, Cambridge.

163. A short Defence of the Orders of the Church of England, as by Law Established; against some scat∣tered Objections of Mr. Webster of Linne. By Mr. Milbourn, Minister of Yarmouth.

164. A Plain Answer to a Popish Priest, Questioning the Orders of the Church of England; drawn up for the Satisfaction of his Parishioners. To which is an∣next (in the second Edition) an Answer to the Oxford Animadverter's Reflections. By Mr. A. Seller.

165. A Defence of the Ordinations and Ministry of the Church of England; in Answer to the Scandals raised or revived against her, in several late Pamphlets, and particularly in one intituled, The Church of England truly Represented, &c. By Mr. Whitfield, F. of K. C. Cam.

166. The Validity of the Orders of the Church of Eng∣land, made out against the Objections of the Papists, in several Letters to a Gentleman of Norwich, that desired Satisfaction therein. By Dr. Prideaux, Pre∣bendary of Norwich.

Page  26 167. Roman Catholicks Uncertain, whether there be a∣ny true Priests, or Sacraments in the Church of Rome: evinced by an Argument urg'd and maintain'd (up∣on their own Principles) against Mr. Edw. Goodal of Prescott in Lancashire. By Mr. Marsden, Vicar of Walton in Lancashire.

About Michaelmas 1687, one of the Jesuits of the Sa∣voy, Father Pulton, was for signalizing himself in a Con∣ference with Dr. Tenison, the Minister of that Parish, wherein this Jesuit was seducing an ignorant young Youth: one would have thought that the ill success which Mr. Pe∣ter Gooden the Secular Priest met with at the Confe∣rence at the Dean of St. Paul's, when the Gentleman for whose sake it was, declared himself satisfied, and settled in the Church of England, might have cautioned Father Pulton from any further Attempts of this nature: but some men can no more see their own Ignorance, than their own Faults. A Conference was held, and was the occa∣sion of these following Books:

168. A true Account of a Conference held about Reli∣gion, at London, Sept. 29, 1687, between A. Pulton, Jesuit, and Thomas Tenison, D. D. By Dr. Tenison.

169. Mr. Pulton Consider'd in his Sincerity, Reason∣ings, Authorities: or, a Just Answer to what he hath hitherto publish'd in his True Account; his True and Full Account of a Conference, &c. his Remarks; and in them his pretended Confutation of what he calls Dr. T.'s Rule of Faith. By Dr. Tenison.

170. The Vindication of A. Crassener, School-master of Long-Acre, from the Aspersions of A. Pulton, Jesuit, and School-master in the Savoy. By Mr. Cressener.

171. The Pamphlet intituled, Speculum Ecclesiasticum: or, an Ecclesiastical Prospective-Glass, Considered in Page  27 its false Reasonings and Quotations. There are ad∣ded, by way of Preface, two further Answers, the first to the Defender of the Speculum, the second to the Half-sheet against the Six Conferences. By Mr. Wharton.

172. An Answer to the Letter of the Catholick Souldi∣er, in a Letter from C. D. to A. B. the Examiner of his Speculum. By Dr. Tenison.

173. The Missionaries Arts Discovered: or an Account of their Ways of Insinuation, their Artifices and seve∣ral Methods of which they serve themselves in ma∣king Converts; With a Letter to Mr. Pulton, chal∣lenging him to make good his Charge of Disloyalty against Protestants: And an Historical Preface, con∣taining an Account of their introducing the Heathen Gods in their Processions, and other Particulars rela∣ting to the several Chapters of this Treatise. By Mr. H. a Divine of the Church of England.

174. A Preservative against Popery: Being some plain Directions to Unlearned Protestants, how to Dispute with Romish Priests. Part I. By Dr. Sherlock.

175. The Second Part of the Preservative against Po∣pery: Shewing how contrary Popery is to the True Ends of the Christian Religion. Fitted for the Instru∣ction of Unlearned Protestants. By Dr. Sherlock.

These two last Books gave very great distast to the Ro∣mish Priests, as one may reasonably gather from the strange Answers that were made to them by Mr. Sabran a Jesuit, who procured thereby an Antagonist for himself that he will always be famous for, who made him this following Reply:

176. A Defence of Dr. Sherlock's Preservative against Po∣pery: in Reply to a Jesuit's Answer; wherein the R. Father's Reasons are fully Confuted. By W. Giles, a Protestant Foot-man.

Page  28 177. A Vindication of both Parts of the Preservative against Popery: in Answer to the Cavils of Lewis Sabran, Jesuit. By Dr. Sherlock.

178. The Enthusiasm of the Church of Rome Demon∣strated in some Observations upon the Life of Igna∣tius Loyala [Founder of the Jesuites Order.] By Mr. Wharton.

179. Purgatory prov'd by Miracles: Collected out of Roman-Catholick Authors. With some remarkable Histories relating to British, English, and Irish Saints. Published with an Ingenious Preface concerning Mi∣racles. By Mr. Sam. Johnson.

180. A fourth Letter to a Person of Quality; being an Historical Account of the Doctrine of the Sacra∣ment, from the Primitive Times to the Council of Trent, shewing the Novelty of Transubstantiation. By Mr. Pelling.

181. Thirty Plain, but Sound Reasons, why Prote∣stants differ from Popery. By Ignotus.

182. A Discourse wherein is held forth the Opposition of the Doctrine, Worship, and Practices of the Ro∣man Church, to the Nature, Designs, and Characters of the Christian Faith. By Dr. G. Burnet.

183. Pope Pius's Creed with Comments. By Mr. Altham.

184. The Additional Articles in Pope Pius's Creed, no Articles of the Christian Faith. By the same Author.

185. Some Dialogues between Mr. G. and others; with Reflections on a Book call'd Pax Vobis. By Mr. Linford.

186. A Dialogue between two Protestants, in Answer to a Popish Catechism, call'd, A short Catechism a∣gainst all Sectaries. By Mr. Rawlett, late Preacher at Newcastle upon Tine.

187. The Plausible Arguments of the Romish Priest, an∣swer'd by an English Protestant. By Dr. Comber, Precentor of York.

Page  29 188. An Historical Relation of several Great and Learn∣ed Romanists that have embraced the Protestant Re∣ligion. By Ignotus.

189. A Pacifick Discourse of the Causes and Remedies of the Differences about Religion, which distract the Peace of Christendom. By Dr. Thomas Smith.

190. An Answer to a Discourse concerning the Celiba∣cy of the Clergy. Printed at Oxford. By Mr. Tul∣ly.

191. A Request to Roman Catholicks to Answer the Queries upon these their following Tenets:

I. Their Divine Service in an Unknown Tongue.

II. Their taking away the Cup from the People.

III. Their with-holding the Scriptures from the Laies.

IV. The Adoration of Images, &c.

By Mr. Gourdon of Scotland.

192. The Judgment of Private Discretion in Matters of Religion, Defended in a Sermon at St. Paul's Co∣vent-Garden. By Mr. Kidder.

193. A Plain Defence of the Protestant Religion, fitted to the meanest Capacity: being a full Confutation of The Net for the Fishers of Men. By Mr. H. Au∣thor of the Missionaries Arts, &c.

194. The Protestant and Popish Way of Interpreting Scripture, impartially Compar'd, in Answer to Pax Vobis, &c. By Dr. Grove.

195. Some Queries to Protestants answered: and an Explication of the Roman Catholick's Belief, in four great Points Consider'd:

I. Concerning their Church.

II. Their Worship.

III. Justification.

IV. Civil Government. By Mr Altham.

Page  30 196. A brief Account of the first Rise of the Name Protestant, &c. By Ignotus.

197. The Protestant Resolved: or, a Discourse shew∣ing the Unreasonableness of his turning Roman Ca∣tholick for Salvation. By Mr. Ellys.

198. Two short Discourses against the Romanists. By Mr. Dodwell, History-Professour at Oxford.

199. A Letter to a Lady, furnishing her with Scri∣pture-Testimonies, against the principal Points and Doctrines of Popery. By Ignotus.

200. A Treatise of Traditions. In two Parts. By Dr. Whitby.

201. The Judgment of Archbishop Cranmer, concern∣ing the Peoples Right to, and Discreet Use of the Holy Scriptures. Published with a Preface. By Mr. Gee.

202. A Letter of Enquiry to the Reverend Fathers of the Society of Jesus. Written in the Person of a Dissatisfied Roman Catholick. By J. Taylor, Gent.

203. An Answer to a Book printed at Oxford, called, Pietas Romana & Parisiensus. By Mr. Harrington of Oxford.

Having thus given a just Catalogue of all the Books that have come to my knowledge, I will end with giving the List of the Tracts written upon the excellent Design of the Clergy of this City, of Considering all the Places of Scripture which Papists cite for their several Do∣ctrines.

204. POPERY not Founded on SCRIPTURE, or the TEXTS which Papists cite out of the BIBLE, for the Proof of the Points of their Religion, Exa∣min'd, and shew'd to be alledged without Ground. The Introduction by Dr. Tenison.

Page  31 205. The TEXTS which Papists cite out of the BIBLE, for the Proof of their Doctrine concerning The Obsu∣scurity of the Holy Scriptures, Examin'd. By Dr. Fowler.

206. The TEXTS Examined which Papists cite out of the BIBLE for the Proof of their Doctrine concern∣ing The Insufficiency of Scripture, and Necessity of Tra∣dition. By Mr. Williams.

207. The TEXTS Examined which Papists cite out of the BIBLE, to prove The Supremacy of St. Peter, and the Pope over the whole Church. Part I. By Dr. Patrick.

208. The Second Part of the TEXTS Examin'd, which Papists cite out of the BIBLE to prove The Supre∣macy of St. Peter, &c. By Dr. Patrick.

209. The TEXTS Examined which Papists cite out of the BIBLE for the Proof of their Doctrine of Infal∣libility. By Mr. Tully.

210. The TEXTS Examined, &c. concerning The Worship of Angels and Saints departed. Part I. By Dr. Freeman.

211. The TEXTS Examined, &c. concerning The Worship of Angels, &c. Part II. By Dr. Free∣man.

212. The TEXTS Examined, &c. concerning The Worship of Images and Reliques. By Mr. Gee.

213. The TEXTS Examined, &c. concerning Seven Sacraments, and the Efficacy of them. Part I. Con∣cerning the Sacraments of Confirmation and Penance. By Mr. Gee.

214. The TEXTS Examined, &c. concerning Seven Sacraments, &c. Part II. Concerning the Sacra∣ments of Orders, Matrimony and Extreme Ʋnction, and their Efficacy. By Mr. Gee.

215. The TEXTS Examined, &c. concerning The Sa∣crifice of the Mass. Part I. By Mr. Kidder.

Page  32 216. The TEXTS Examined, &c. concerning The Sa∣crifice of the Mass. Part II. By Mr. Kidder.

217. The TEXTS Examined, &c. concerning Transub∣stantiation. By Mr. Williams.

218. The TEXTS Examined, &c. concerning Auricu∣lar Confession. By Mr. Linford.

219. The TEXTS Examined, &c. concerning Satisfa∣ctions. Part I. By Mr. Gascarth, Rector of Allhal∣lows Barkin.

220. The TEXTS Examined, &c. concerning Satisfa∣ctions. Part II. By Mr. Gascarth.

221. The TEXTS Examined, &c. concerning Purga∣tory. Part I. By Mr. Brampston, Lecturer of St. Martin's Ludgate.

222. The TEXTS Examined, &c. concerning Purga∣tory. Part II. By Mr. Brampston.

223. The TEXTS Examined, &c. concerning Prayer in an Ʋnknown Tongue. Part I. By Dr. Scott.

224. The TEXTS Examined, &c. concerning Pray∣ers, &c. Part II. By Dr. Scott.

225. The TEXTS Examined, &c. concerning The Ce∣libacy of Priests, and Vows of Continence. Part I. By Mr. Payne.

226. The TEXTS Examined, &c. concerning The Ce∣libacy of Priests, &c. Part II. By Mr. Payne.

227. The TEXTS Examined, &c. concerning The Vi∣sibility of the Church. By Mr. Resbury.

228. The TEXTS Examined which Papists cite out of the BIBLE for the Proof of their Doctrine of Merits. By Mr. Linford.

There will be Published two Tables to the whole Set of these several TEXTS, by Mr. Chiswel the Publisher of them.

Page  33 Having now dispatched the Catalogue of the several Books published against Popery by the Members of the Church of England, I must, according to my Design, pass now to those published by our Non-conformist Brethren a∣gainst Popery during King James the Second's Reign; which, according to my best Information, are these:

•••… Transubstantiation a peculiar Article of the Roman Catholick Faith; which was never own'd by the An∣cient Church, or any of the Reform'd Churches; in Answer to a late Discourse call'd, Reasons for Abro∣gating the Test. By Mr. Goodwin of London.

•••… A plain Representation of Transubstantiation, as it is received in the Church of Rome, with the Sandy Foundations it is built upon, and the Arguments that do clearly Evert and Overturn it. By Mr. Pendle∣berry of Lancashire.

These are all I find written by the Non-conformists, ex∣cept we must reckon among them the Book written by the late Henry Care: Whether he was a Member of the Church of England, or a Dissenter, I cannot tell; howe∣ver, I am sure neither Party ought to be ashamed of the Book, which does very well deserve a place in this Cata∣logue, and is call'd,

A Modest Enquiry, Whether St. Peter was ever at Rome, and Bishop of that Church. By Mr. H. Care.

Page  34 I need not here to beg our Nonconformist Brethren's Pardon for this Slender Account of their Writings a∣gainst POPERY, during the Reign of King James the Second, because I have used great Diligence to attain an exact Account of them: however, if there be any Discourses written by them, but omitted in this Cata∣logue, or if any of those in the Catalogue whose Authors Names I could not recover, do belong to them: If ei∣ther the Authors, or any Friends for them, will be plea∣sed to send the Titles of the Books, with the Author's Name, to Mr. R. Baldwin, the Publisher of this Catalogue, they shall be inserted into the next Edition of this Cata∣logue, if it have one.

And the same Request is made to the Members of the Church of England.

The END.
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