The art of longevity, or, A diæteticall instition written by Edmund Gayton.
Gayton, Edmund, 1608-1666.
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To his honoured Friend Mr. Edmund Gayton on his Art of Longevity.

WHy how now fellow Souldier! what you write?
It must be sure to get what you by sight
Have lost; in troth we had ill luck by th' Sword;
Those were By-blows, thou better art at word:
And why of Diet prithee, when we know
All Cavaliers are forc'd to live too low
Under the Rule of Lessius, small provant
Will serve those men o'th' Garison of Gaunt:
So oft rform'd (that's squeez'd) they't brought alass:
Toth' Mum, and Diet of Pythagoras.
Platonick love we new may justifie,
Since meats Platonick make sobriety;
And what i'th' fulness of the Court was Fable
Romance all, is true from thy spare Table,
And yet the sheet abounds in services,
The worst of service, only of the eyes.
He that doth feed on thee Poetick Mun,
Must change himself to a Camelion:
For all thy Diet,, and choice Bill of Fare,
Is only words, and that's but wind and air.

FRANCISCUS ASTON Capt, Militiae Puerilis.