The art of longevity, or, A diæteticall instition written by Edmund Gayton.
Gayton, Edmund, 1608-1666.
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To his Friend the Author.

WHat is't is writ? It is a noble Diet:
Oh! for a Souldiers stomack to be quiet,
And not conceive such Dainties plac'd upon
Some Ladies Board; then let the Gods look on,
VVith all their Goddesses, and tell me where
They met with wholesome diet and such cheare;
But their immortal diet's only known
And rarely fanci'd to us, then were shown
By power of Poets wits: I would not wish
This my good friend present us such a dish:
VVhat he hath done 'tis all substantial good,
Not only Babes, but Lords and Ladies food;
Such as may make our youth old Nestor's grow,
And then confess their age to him they owe:
Yet if our stomacks want a dish to bait on,
No wit like thine, i'th' second Course, dear Gayton.

E. ALDRICH, Tribunus militum.