Grotius, his arguments for the truth of Christian religion rendred into plain English verse.
Grotius, Hugo, 1583-1645., Virgil. Bucolica. 4. English.


The Reader is desired to amend with his Pen these fol∣lowing Errors in the Print; and tho the frequent false pointings may change the sense in many places; 'tis hoped a little regard to the connection, or manner of the Expressions, may rectify them.

PAge 7. line 12. for maintain, read obtain. P. 15. l. 1. f. Catallus, r. Catullus. P. 33. l. 13. f. Reins, r. Veins. P. 56. l. 12. f. sty'd, r. styl'd. P. 75. l. 7. f. Sov'raig, r. Sov'raign. P. 79. l. 5. f. compare, r. compares. P. 83. l. 28. f. conque'sts, r. conquests. P. 98. l. 8. f. di, r. do. ib. l. 14. r. Holocausts. ib. l. 24. f. pleas'd, r. pleass. P. 99. l. 25. f. whem, r. whom. P. 105. in Marg. f. at, an. P. 106. l. 4. f. should, r. would. P. 117. l. 6. f. dissawde, r. disswade. P. 120. l. 12. f. stranger, r. stronger. P. 122. f. to, r. t'. P. 145. l. 2. f. De∣pository, r. Repository. P. 162. l. 17. f. Eclogues, r. Expressions.