A brief refutation of the errors tolleration, erastianism, independency and separation delivered in some sermons from I Job. 4. I, preach'd in the year 1652 : to which are added four sermons preach'd on several occasions
Fergusson, James, 1621-1667.
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The Contents.

    SECT. I.
  • OF Doctrine in general, and the Tryal thereof: Being some Doctrines raised from the Text, Introductorie to the main pur∣pose. Pag. 1: ad 26.
  • Doctr. I. Error is to be Eschewed. pag. 3.
  • Doctr. II. Orthodoxy, or a Right opinion in the mat∣ters of Truth, is as much to be stu••ed as Holiness of Life. pag. 5.
  • Doctr. III. As at all times, so chiefly when there is dan∣ger of spreading of Error, there is most need that Love should be intertain'd betwixt Pa∣stor and People: Where are some directions for a Ministers carriage, in order to the keep∣ing of the affections of his People, while he is Refuting their Errors. pag. 12.
  • Doctr. IV. The Spirit of Error began very early to trou∣ble the Church. Where are some Reasons for which the Lord suffers Errors to spread, pag. 16.
  • Doctr. V. The foulest Errors go out oftentimes under fairest Names, and are backed with most specious Pretences. pag. 19.
  • Doctr. VI. When foul Error is holden out under fair Page  [unnumbered] names, and backed with fair pretences, there is a danger lest People drink them in and believe them. Where are 5 things that speak this hazard. pag. 23.
  • Doctr. VII. Ministers the Servants of God are not to clap Peoples heads, or to indulge them in this inclination of Theirs to Error, but on all hazards they are to testify against it: Where are 3 Reasons for which People ought to reverence much what warnings of this kind are given by Ministers. pag. 28.
  • Doct. VIII. It is not Gods Way That People, because there are differences about Religion, should therefore believe no Religion: Where are 5 Directions for the unlearned to walk by, in order to difference of opinions among the Learned pag. 31.
  • Doctr. IX. How fair soever the pretence is that a Do∣ctrine is colloured with, It should not be ta∣ken upon Trust, but must be brought to a Tryal. Where are some Directions how to walk betwixt Popish Tyranny, and Secta∣rian Confusion. pag. 34.
  • Doctr. X. The right Tryal to be taken of Doctrines preached, or any otherwise vented is, To try whether they be of God or not. Where is shown what is requisite to a Doctrines that it may be said to be Of God. pag. 38.
  • Doct. XI. There are many Doctrines pretending to the Spirit, which yet being brought to the Touch∣stone will be found Not to be of God. p. 44
    Page  [unnumbered]SECT. II.
  • The Doctrine of Toleration Try'd, and foundnot to be Of God. Wherein, as in all the Errors following, First, The Question is stated. 2. Arguments are brought for Confirming the Truth, and vindicated from the Opposites Ex∣ceptions. 3. The Opposites Objections are An∣swered, and Refuted from Scripture and Rea∣son. 4. The Truth being vindicated, is ap∣plyed to a Practical Vse. pag. 47.
    SECT. III.
  • The Doctrine of Errastianism Try'd, and found not to be Of God. pag. 86.
  • Head l. There is a Church Government 〈◊〉 forth in Scripture. ibid.
  • Head II. The power of Church Government be∣longeth not to the Civil Magistrate. pag. 103
    SECT. IV.
  • The Doctrine of Independency Try'd, and found not to be Of God. pag. 123.
  • Head I. The power of Church Government is in the Church Officers, and not in the Body of Church Members. ibid.
  • Head. II. The highest power of Church Govern∣ment is not in Church Sessions, or Congregatio∣nal Elderships. pag. 150.
  • Paragr. I. There is a Plate-form of the Govern∣ment of many Congregations, by One Common Presbytry holden out in Scripture, pag. 152.
  • Paragr. II. There is a Plate-form of Government Page  [unnumbered] by Synods over many particular Presbytries held forth in Scripture. pag. 167.
  • Paragr. III. Infertor Church Judicatories are subject Superior. pag. 173▪
    SECT. V.
  • The Doctrine of Separation Try'd, and sound Not to be of God. pag. 191
  • Head I. Shewing what is required for making one a Member of the Visible Church. ibid
  • Head II. No Separation from a true Church, or Gods Worship in the Church, because of the Sins of Fellow-worshipers. pag. 214
  • A Sermon Preach'd before the Synod at Glasgow, A∣pril 5. 1653. From 1 Cor: 1. 10. pag. 235.
  • Sermon Second Preach'd at Irving, foom Psalm 51: 6. Immediatly before the Giving of the Communion, Be∣ing a Preparation Sermon in order thereto. pag. 287
  • Sermon Third Preach'd at Kilwinning 11 May 1663 From Luke 7. 23. Vpon the Munday, Immediatly after the Giving of the Communion. pag. 313.
  • Sermon Fourth, Preach'd at Kilwinning, From Acts 11: 23. Vpon the Munday Immediatly after the Giving of the Communion. pag. 340.