Famous and effectual medicine to cure the plague
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And having (through Gods blessing) cured these several Persons under written, (and above fifty more) I thought it my duty to publish it abroad in the World, for the benefit and good of others; And have put an easie price on the medi∣cines (very little more then what they cost making) for it is my cheifest aim to do good, and not to get gain; For I thank God I can very well subsist with∣out it, and truly I dare say through Gods blessing, and with careful looking un∣to, not ten in one hundred will miscarry.

    The names of those as have been Cured.
  • Henry Contelloe, and five in his Family, living in New-market.
  • Rich-Pearce, his Wife and his Nurse, in Bridges street.
  • Mrs. Muncross, in Bridges street.
  • Ann Pole, In St. Gile's.
  • Mary Baget, In St. Gile's.
  • Andrew Baget, In St. Gile's.
  • Eliz. Egenhead, In St. Gile's.
  • Margret Sanders, In St. Gile's.
  • Ann Rumner, and her Nurse. In St. Gile's.
  • Four Milk-women, In Coven Garden.
  • Mrs. Joan's Daughter, In Coven Garden.
  • Mrs. Brown, In Coven Garden.
  • Mrs. Carter, In Coven Garden.
  • Mrs. Adkings. In Coven Garden.
  • Antho. Basket-field in Grase-Inn.
  • John Brown in Stanup Street.
  • Eliz. Contelloe, in Stanup Street.
  • Mary-Waight, in Bedford-Bury.
  • Five more in White-hart-yard in the Strand.
  • Sixteen more in Chequer-Ally at Westminster.
  • 12. more in Church-head-Ally in Fetter-lane.

Now followeth the MEDICINE.

The red Powder. 1s.
IF any one is infected, and finds themselves ill, then presently let them (without delay) take this powder, and then to bed and sweat carefully three hours; And if they are dry, make a Posset with Sage, or Sorrel, and Dandilion, and so drink freely in their sweat, or after∣wards, and be sure after your sweat you keep your self warm; And if any swelling appear, beware of drinking any Beer or Ale, hot or cold, but keep your selves to the above-said Posset-drink, or Beer, or Ale boyled with a crust of brown Bread, with one blade of Mace and two Cloves. Put the Powder in a Spoon, with a little Bear or Posset-drink, and so take it.

Also this Power is excellent good against Small-Pox, Fevers, Agues, and Surfeits; and if it be for a Child, then take but one half of this Powder.

••ague Water. 2 s.
Then when you are out of your sweat, and well rubbed and dryed, then take a spoonful of this cordial water, if the party be sick, take one spoonful every four hours, if well, do not wast it.

Plasters. 2d.
And if you find any pain in your heads after your sweat, then presently apply two of these Plasters to your Temples, which will give you both ease and rest, and if your pain continues, then shift every twenty four hours.

Salve. 1s.
And if you find any Risings in any part of your body, then take some of this Salve out of the Pot, and spread it on Ships-leather, and then lay it to the Sore or Swelling, which Plaster will both ripen, break it, and heal it; the first Plaster, keep it on as long as you can, and when the Sore is broken, then dress it twice every day.

Cordial Water for Griping. 2s.
But in case the distemper break out into a Vomiting and Loosness, or Griping in the Belly, then take of this Cordial water every three hours two spoonful, untill you find ease, and in case you are a dry, drink Mace-ale, not too sweet.

Also here is a most excellent water for a sore mouth, either for Canker, Thursh, or a sore mouth by reason of a Feaver, being a little warmed, and with a cloth garble the mouth, and let one drop or two down.

An infallible Powder for Men, Women, or Children, troubled with Convulsion-sits, Falling-sickness, or fits of the Mother, taken with a little Black Cherry water fasting in a morning. If the Children be very young, then divide the Paper of Powder into three parts, and for mid∣dle aged Children take one half, and for Men and Women the whole Paper.

The Medicines are to be had at Mr. Leonard Sowersby, a Book-seller next to Turn-stile neer the Dukes Play∣house, by the Church-yard wall. At Mr. Heywoods house, next door to the Green Dragon in Alderman-bury, o∣ver against Adel-street. At Mr. Owens at the Holy Lamb in Islington. At Mr. Goodlaks at Trinity-house at Stepney. At Mr. Heywoods at New-Crane at Wapping. At Mrs. Elizabeth Calverts at the Black-spread-Eagle, at the West en∣〈…〉