Communion of churches, or, The divine management of gospel-churches by the ordinance of councils constituted in order according to the Scriptures as also the way of bringing all Christian parishes to be particular Reforming Congregationall Churches, humbly proposed as ... a means of uniting those two holy and eminent parties the Presbyterians and the Congregationals ...
Eliot, John, 1604-1690.
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ALthough a few Copies of this small Script are Printed; yet it is not published, onely committed privately to some Godly and Able hands, to be Viewed, Corrected, Amended, or Rejected, as it shall be found to hold wright in the Sanctuary Ballance, or not. And it is the humble Request of the Author, That whatever Ob∣jections; Rectification, or Emendati•…ns may occurre•…, they may be conveyed unto him; who desireth nothing may be accepted in the Churches, but what is according to the Will and Minde of God, and tendeth to Holiness, Peace, and Promotion of the holy Kingdome of Iesus Christ.

The procuring of half so many Copies Written and Corrected, would be more difficult and chargeable, then the Printing of these few.

I beg the Prayers, as well as the Pains of the pre∣cio•…s Servants of the Lord▪ that I may never have the least singer in doing any thing that may be derogatory to the Holiness and Honour of Iesus Christ and his Churches. And to this I subscribe my self,

One of the least of the Labourers in our Lords Vineyard, JOHN ELIOT.