Communion of churches, or, The divine management of gospel-churches by the ordinance of councils constituted in order according to the Scriptures as also the way of bringing all Christian parishes to be particular Reforming Congregationall Churches, humbly proposed as ... a means of uniting those two holy and eminent parties the Presbyterians and the Congregationals ...
Eliot, John, 1604-1690.
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Communion of Churches: OR, The Divine Management of Gospel-Churches by the Ordinance of COUNCILS, Constituted in Order according to the SCRIPTURES.

AS ALSO, The Way of bringing all Christian Parishes to be particular Reforming Congregationall Churches: Humbly Proposed, As a Way which hath so much Light from the Scriptures of Truth, as that it may lawfully be Submitted unto by all; and may, by the blessing of the Lord, be a Means of Uniting those two Holy and Eminent PARTIES, The Presbyterians and the Congregationals.

AS ALSO To Prepare for the hoped-for Resurrection of the Churches; and to Propose a way to bring all Christian Nations unto an Unity of the Faith and Order of the Gospel.

Written▪ by Iohn Eliot, Teacher of Roxbury in N. E.

Psal. 1. •…0
That ye may try the things that are excellent.

1 John 4 1.
Try the Spirits.

Cambridge: Printed by Marmaduke Iohnson. 1665.