A New collections of songs and poems by Thomas D'Urfey ...
D'Urfey, Thomas, 1653-1723.
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Chloe's Complaint, a Song set by Mr. Farmer.

LOng I've been wounded, but ne're durst
Long, long have been fetter'd yet still hug the
Long cruel Parents have tortur'd my Love,
And Fate long has strove the dear flame to remove;
But still like a Rock 'gainst the Tide and the
I fix, let the Torrent prove ne're so unkind;
And whilst my Silvander pursues his desire,
I still bear the Tinder and he the Fire.
The wise may dull Reasons and Morals propose,
And clog my sick fancy with Precepts like those;
But ah how in vain how vainly they preach,
Great Love surmounts all that their reason can
Love the great Agent that Nature employs,
The God of our Passions and source of our Joyes;
Without whom we soul-less and wretched should
For Mortals are Beasts till refin'd by Love.