A New collections of songs and poems by Thomas D'Urfey ...
D'Urfey, Thomas, 1653-1723.
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A Song in Madam Fickle, set by Mr. Turner.

BEneath a shady Willow, near
A River's Purling streams,
Astrea careless of her Sheep
With folded Arms lay fast asleep,
Possess'd with Golden Dreams,
Her working faculty's supply'd
What drowzy sleep deny'd:
For oft she'd smile, and sigh, and grasp the Air,
Thinking her much lov'd Celadon was there.
But as this sleeping harmless Maid
Lay rapt in silent joy,
Possessing all that could be sought
In fetter'd senses happy thought,
Her Swain came Fishing by:
He eager to enjoy the bliss,
Awak'd her with a Kiss;
She Blushing rose, and cry'd unhapy Fate,
Ah Celadon thou now art come too late.