A New collections of songs and poems by Thomas D'Urfey ...
D'Urfey, Thomas, 1653-1723.
Page  66

The Caterwauling, a Song made at Epsom alluding to an Intrigue there.

TWO Cats were playing by a Well side,
And one of these two Cats fell in,
The Cat that was left most bitterly wept,
Because she was t'other Cats Cozen Jermain.
But e're she could hide her sorrows, and wipe
The Tears from her fair sweet Eyes that fell,
Malitious Fate brought another fierce Cat,
To see her bemoan her dear Love in the Well;
Some time this Cat in a Window had sat,
And seen her bemoan her dear Love in the Well.
This Cat of mode did the t'other Cat keep,
And had given her many a Rich Tabby Gown,
Deserted his Spouse, to feast her with his Mouse,
And made her outbrave all the Cats in the Town;
Page  67 Her Champion was, in all Chances befell her,
And had often fought for her in Garret and Celler.
But now his heart with jealousie burns,
His Eyes he inflames, and his Claws does whet;
The loving Pur to loud howling he turns,
And Lyon-like stares on the other poor Cat:
Ah! false one, crys he, what a plague did you want,
To howl for this Fool, and desert your Gallant?
Have I so long bin your Cully and Fop,
And kept my poor Wife so long from Town?
Spent all my Estate to keep you at your rate;
Every Tooth in your head has cost me a Pound,
And am I thus Jilted by a Cat-Whore,
Go, go, you'r a Puss, and I'le see ye no more!