A New collections of songs and poems by Thomas D'Urfey ...
D'Urfey, Thomas, 1653-1723.

Another Song written at Epsom on Beauty.

BEauty, thou Throne of Graces,
Bright Queen of charming Faces;
Thou Soul of endless Passion,
Thou Tyrant of the Nation:
Page  41 Thou God that dost inflame us,
Thou Fury sent to damn us;
How happy should we be
Proud foe wer't not for thee?
Numerous shining glories,
Adorn'd my Lovely Chloris;
Her Face was sweet as Summer,
Her Pride did well become her:
Her voice from Iove was given,
Each Angel flew from Heaven,
And smiling clapt his wing,
For Joy to hear her sing.
My Soul was still admiring,
This falser than a Syren;
I strongly did besiege her,
But ne're durst disoblige her:
But she like Frosty weather,
Nipt all my Buds together;
And thinking me untrue,
My fond heart did undoe.