A New collections of songs and poems by Thomas D'Urfey ...
D'Urfey, Thomas, 1653-1723.
Page  38

A Song in the Night Adventures, or Squire Oldsap, set by Mr. Graboe.

CLose in a hollow silent Cave,
Young Damon sleeping lay,
Himself one hour from grief to save;
And from the scorching day,
He Celia lov'd, whose Face and Wit
Did every Shepherds sence controul;
Whose flowing hair was Loves soft net,
Whose every glance a heart did get:
And every smile a Soul.
But see what Balm Love's Monarch keeps,
To ease a Lovers pain,
As he in this dark Mansion sleeps,
It fiercely gan to rain:
Fair Celia roving through the Farm,
A straying Lamb from hurt to save,
Which found, she folds with her white Arm;
And then to save her from the storm,
Strait slipt into the Cave.
Page  39III.
The drowzy Swain began to smile,
To see his Heaven so nigh,
She blusht and fear'd, and all the while
The Lamb stood bleating by:
No breath is left her to complain,
She's now a Captive by surprize,
And fears approaching joys and pain;
Thus at the mercy of the Swain,
The Charming Virgin lies.