A New collections of songs and poems by Thomas D'Urfey ...
D'Urfey, Thomas, 1653-1723.

A Seranade, Sung at Tunbridge.

LOok down fair Nimph and see,
The tenders of a Lovers duty,
Whose heart till now was free;
From snares of sweet enchanting Beauty:
Like Bedlam Tom, I range and sue,
Around the streets all night I rove,
For pitty then look down and view
The victim of Almighty Love.

Second Movement.

Like Spirits we wander in dead time of night,
Huzza, Huzza, we roar and we fight;
With Bagpipe and Drum,
We rant our way home:
But see the Watch comes to oppose our delight.


Charge, charge, hey we scowre,
Through the Billmen in Flannel,
And down drops a Constable into the kennel.