A New collections of songs and poems by Thomas D'Urfey ...
D'Urfey, Thomas, 1653-1723.

Scotch Song in the Royalist, made to a Pleasant new Tune.

TWa bonny Lads were Sawney and Iockey,
Blith Iockey was lov'd but Sawney unluckie;
Yet Sawney was tall, well-favour'd and witty,
But Ise in my heart thought Iockey more pretty;
For when he view'd me, su'd me, woo'd me,
Never was Lad so like to undo me;
Fye, I cryed, yet almost died,
Lest Iockey should gang, and come no more to me.
Iockey would Love, but he would not Marry,
And Ise had a dread least I should miscarry;
For his cunning Tongue with Wit was so guilded,
That I was afraid my heart would have yielded;
Daily he bless'd me, press'd me, kiss'd me,
Lost was the hour methought when he miss'd me;
Crying, denying, and sighing, I'de woo him,
But ah! much ado had I to gang fro him.
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But cruel Fate robb'd me of this Jewel,
For Sawney would make him fight in a Duel,
And down in a Dale with Cypress surrounded,
Ah! there to his death poor Iockey was wounded;
But when he thrill'd him, fell'd him, kill'd him,
Who can express my grief that beheld him!
Raging, I tore my Hair to bind him,
And vow'd, and swore, I'de ne're stay behind him.