The baronage of England, or, An historical account of the lives and most memorable actions of our English nobility in the Saxons time to the Norman conquest, and from thence, of those who had their rise before the end of King Henry the Third's reign deduced from publick records, antient historians, and other authorities
Dugdale, William, Sir, 1605-1686.


IN 10 H. 3. Bertram de Criol* had a weekly Mcrcate granteda to him on the Thursday at his Mannor of Seeres, until the King should be of full age.

Some misdemeanour (it seems) this Bertram had committed, for which in 15 H. 3. he was commandedb to quit the Countrey: neverthe∣less, by the mediation of friends, he got leave c to stay, upond condition he should not come to Court; and the next year following he ob∣tained so much credit with the King, that he was then constitutede Sheriff of Kent; in which trust he continuedf until the end of the first half of 23 H. 3. And for the latter part of that year, hadg the Sheriffalty of Essex and Hertfordshire conforred upon him. So also h for the 24. of H. 3. Likewise again for Kenti for the last half year of 26. H. 3. with the cu∣stody k of the Castles of Dovor and Rochester; and to the end of 32 H. 3.

From this Bertram descended Nicholas and Iohn: Of which Nicholas, it appears, that in 38 H. 3. he had licensel to lade one Ship with Victual, in the Port of Sandwich, and to transport it into Gascoin. Moreover that in 41 H. 3. he had summonsm to be at Bristol with Horse and Arms, in the Octaves of S. Peter, (amongst other great men) to oppose the In∣cursions of the Welsh. And in 42 H. 3. that he had commandn to attend the King at Chester, upon Munday next preceding the Feast of the Na∣tivity of S. Iohn Baptist, upon the like occasion. In 47 H. 3. that he was constitutedo Warden of the Cinque-ports, and Sheriffp of Kent. In 54 H. 3. that he was made Governourq of the Castle at Rochester: and that byrIoan his Wife, Daughter and sole Heir of William de Au∣bervil, he had issuesNicholas,* who took to Wife tMargerie the Daughter of Gilbert Pecche; and in 22 E. 1. had summonsu (amongst others) to be at Portsmouth, well accoutred with Horse and Arms, to attend the King into Gascoin. Which Nicholas the Son had summons* to Parliament, amongst the Barons of this Realm, in 25 E. 1. and attended* the King the same year, in that Expedition then by him made into Flanders. In 26 E. 1. he wasx in Scotland also, in the same Kings service. Moreover in 30 E. 1. he ra∣tified y all the concessions which William de Au∣berville, his Great-grandfather, had made to the Canons of Langdone in Kent, upon the foun∣dations of that Monastery: and left Issuez another Nicholas, who in 18 E. 2. was imploy'da by the King in his Navy, to prevent the landing of Queen Isabel and her Son Prince Edward, and to infest* the French Merchants upon the Western Coasts.

¶I now return to Iohn de Criol.* This Iohn (amongst others) had summonsb to be at Bri∣stol, well accoutred with Horse and Arms, on the Octaves of S. Peter. 41 H. 3. to oppose the incursions of Lewelin ap Griffin, Prince of Wales: and diedc in 48 H. 3. seizedd of the Page  771 Mannors of Seton, and Nether-Hardres, Emersield, Everland, Boyton, Water∣clyve, and Newham; leaving Bertram his Son and Heir: who then doing his Homage, had Liverye of his Lands. Which Bertram wedded fAlianor, one of the Daughters and Heirs of Hamon de Crevequer, by Maud his Wife, Sister and Heir to William de Abrincis (or Averenches) and had* in her right part of the Barony of Fol∣kestone, which was of the Inheritance of the said William de Averenches. But being an adhe∣rent g to Montfort Earl of Leicester, and other the rebellious Barons temp. H. 3. for which his Lands were seizedh on, he made his composition i in 4 E. 1. according to the Dictum de Kenil∣worth, and had Liveryk of them again.

After which,*viz. in 23 E. 1. he departedl this life, seized of the Mannors of Estwelle and Asmaresselde, and in rightm of Alianor his Wife, of the Mannor of irlingham (part of the Barony of Folkestone) the moiety of the Hundred of Folkestone, and the moiety of the Mannor of Hithe, leaving Iohnn his Son and Heir, thirty four years of age; who doing his Homage, had Liveryo of his Lands.

To which Iohn succeededpBertram,* his Bro∣ther and Heir, being Thirty years of age, in 30 E. 1. But of him I find no more, than that he heldq the Mannor of Setene of the King by Sergeantie, viz. to provide one man, called a Vautrer, to lead three Grey-hounds, when the King should go into Gascoign, so long as a pair of Shoes of Four-pence price would last; as alsor the Mannor of Aldebury in Com. Hertf. and that he dieds in 34 E. 1. leaving Ioan the Wife of Richard de Rokesle Knight, his Sister and Heir.

But by other Authorities, this Alianor is said t to be the Wife of Iohn the Son of that Bertram; and that Ioan the Wife of Sir William Band Knight, and Sir Michael Poynings Knight, Son of Agnes, Sister of her the said Ioan, were Cousins and next Heirs to the same Iohn. Likewise that, upon partition of the Lands of their Inheritance, Ioan had the Mannor of Esse-meresfelde, ex∣cepting Four pounds yearly rent allowed to Sir Michael Poynings; and that he the said Michael had the Mannor of Estwel, with certain Lands in the Mersh, and the advowson of the Church of Estwel.