The baronage of England, or, An historical account of the lives and most memorable actions of our English nobility in the Saxons time to the Norman conquest, and from thence, of those who had their rise before the end of King Henry the Third's reign deduced from publick records, antient historians, and other authorities
Dugdale, William, Sir, 1605-1686.


IN the tenth year of King Henry the Second's Reign, Hamon Peche* being Sheriffa of Cam∣bridgshire, so continuedb till half of the twelfth year; at which time, upon the Assessment of that Aid for Marrying the King's Daughter, he certifiedc his Knights Fees in Suffolk to be eleven an half and two fourth parts; and in Cambridgshire, seven and a twelfth part de veteri Feoffamen∣to; as also, an half, third, and fourth part de novo. Which Fees in Cambridgshire wered of his Wifes Inheritance, viz. Alice, Daughtere to William Pe∣verell, one of the Coheirs of Pain Peverell her Bro∣ther, as part of the Honour of Brunne. For all which Fees, in 14 H. 2. he paidf xii l. xiv s. viz. a Mark for each Fee. And ing 2 R. 1. upon Col∣lection of the Scutage of Wales, ix l. x s. ix d.

To this Hamon succeeded Gilbert* his Sonh and Heir; who in 6 R. 1. upon the Collecting of that Scutage then assess'd for the King's Redemption, paidi xix l. xx d. for the Knights Fees of his Pa∣ternal Inheritance; and two Marks and an half, for those of the Honour of Brunne, which de∣scended to him by his Mother.

Page  677In 6 Ioh. this Gilbert gavek C Marks to the King, for Livery of his Purparty in Brunne, which he held of Hugh the Son of Henry de Longcamp; whereof he had been dispossess'dl by seisure into the Kings hands, amongst those Lands which be∣long'd to the Normans; in respectm that the Duke∣dom of Normandy was then recovered from King Iohn, by Philip Augustus King of France.

After which, viz. in 14 Ioh. the whole Barony of this Gilbert was committedn to the Custody of Hugh de Boues, he being then dead; as 'tis like; for I find no more mention of him: leaving Issue Hamon* his Sono and Heir. Which Hamon, in 2 H. 3. upon Collection of the first Scutage of that King, paidp xxxiv Marks ii s. ii d. for seventeen Knights Fees and a twelsth part, whereof his own Barony did consist; and ten Marks for five Knights Fees of the Barony of Brunne.

In 7 H. 3. this Hamon having beenq in that Expedition then made into Wales, obtain'd the King's Preceptr for levying Scutage upon all his own Tenants by Military Service, within the Counties of Cantabr. Norff. Suff. Linc. Oxon. Wites. Dorset. and Somerset. And in 25 H. 3. de∣parted s this Life, in his Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Whereupon his Body was brought over to the Priory of Barnewell, near Cambridge, (of the Foundation of the Peverells, his Ancestors) and buriedt in the Chappel of our Lady there: leaving Issue, by Eve his Wife, (by birth anu Alien) Gil∣bert* his Sonx and Heir, and fivey others, viz. Ha∣mon, Hugh, Robert, Thomas, and William: Of which younger Sons, Hugh adheredz to the Rebellious Barons in 49 H. 3.

This last-mention'd Gilbert, in 26 H. 3. giving Securitya for the Payment of his Relief (scil. CC Marks) and doing his Homage, had Liveryb of the Lands of his Inheritance: but diedc in 19 E. 1. To whom succeeded another Gilbert; who, in 22 E. 1. attendedd the King in that Expedition then made into Gascoine; and had Summonse to Parliament, amongst the Barons of this Realm, from 28 E. 1. till 15 E. 2. inclusive. And having marriedf two Wives, the one called Maude de Ha∣stings, the other Ioane Daughter of Simon de Grey, had Issue by the first of them, two Sons, Iohng, and Edmundh, unto whom he lefti little, giving most of his Estate tok his Children by the second, and madel King Edw. l. Heir to the rest of his Ba∣rony: to whom likewise, in 12 E. 1. he gavem the Patronage of the Priory of Bernwelle.

¶Another Branch there was of this Name, and probably from the same Stock; the first thereof beingnRobert Peche Bishop of Coventre, in King Stephen's time. Which Robert had IssueoRichard* Archdeacon of Coventre: to whom another Ri∣chard, viz. Son of Geffrey Peche, succeeded as next p Heir. Which last-mentioned Richard, by Right of Descent from Petronill his Mother, Daughter and at length Heirq to Richard Walshe, possess'd r that fair Lordship of Wormleighton, in Com. Warr. and left Issue;sSir Iohn Peche* Knight; who in October, 49 H. 3. (soon after that memo∣rable Battel of Gesham) had the King's special Letterst of Protection, to be in force till Whitson∣tide following, which shews, that he stood Loyal to the King in that troublesom time. Nor did he, after that, want Employments of Publick Trust; for from 53 H. 3. till 9 E. 1. inclusive, he was u frequently one of the Justices of Gaol-delivery at Warwick: and, in 15 E. 1. inx that 〈◊〉 Expedition under Edmund Earl of Cornwall, to whom the King (being then in France) had com∣mitted y the Guardianship of this Realm, during his absence.

Moreover, in 26 E. 1. he was inz the Scottish Wars: So likewise ina 32 E. 1. andb 34 E. 1.

And in 15 E. 2. upon Informationc given to the King. That one Thomas Blaunfront, and others, had possess'd themselves of Warwick-Castle, then in the Ring's hands, by reason of the Earl of War∣wick's Minority, he receiv'd a special Commission d to accompany the Sheriff of that County thither, and requiring the Render thereof, to imprison the Transgressors: Whereupon he was constituted Go∣vernour e of it; and the next ensuing year was f one of the Commissioners for arraying of Soldi∣ers, Horse and Foot, to march against the Scots; being the same year also madeg Constable of Do∣vor-Castle, and Warden of the Cinque-Ports; and in 19 E. 2. Governour of Corffe-Castle. But in that Confessionh made by Edmund Earl of Kent, in 3 E. 3. when he stood charg'd with Treason, for reporting Edward the Second (his Brother) to be alive, and that he had conspired his Enlargement from Prison, and Restitution to his Thronc; being accusedi to be one of that Earls Abettors therein, Preceptsk were issued out to the Sheriffs of the Counties of Warr. Dorset. and Hants. for his spee∣dy apprehension: after which, his Lands were sei∣sed l; but ere long, being cleared of that Charge, he had restitution of them again; as appearsm by the King's Mandate, directed to the Sheriff of Warwickshire, bearing date in August following. And having had Summonsn to all the Parliaments, to fit amongst the Peers of this Realm, from 14 E. 2. until 9 E. 3. inclusive, departedo this Life about the eleventh or twelfth of that King's Reign, lea∣ving Iohn* his Grandsonp his Heir, who never had Summons to Parliament, nor none of his Descen∣dants; but being a Knightq in 16 E. 3. in 28 E. 3. serv'dr in the Parliament then held at Westminster, as one of the Knights for the County of Warwick: So likewise ins 32 E. 3. and int 43 E. 3. was She∣riff for the Counties of Warm. and Leic.

And in 45 E. 3. purposingu to take a Voyage beyond-Sea, enfeoffedx Sir Baldwin Frevile Knight, and others, in divers of his Lordships and Lands, with trust, that if he should die in those Parts, they might educate his Children conveniently, with the Issues and Profits of them, this beingy the time that Iohn Duke of Lancaster fail'd into France, with a great Army, to relieve Kochell.

In 47 E. 3. he serv'd againz in the Parliament then held, as one of the Knights for Warwickshire; but in 50 E. 3. departeda this Life, leaving Iohn*b his Son and Heir xv years of age: who being al∣so a Knight, in 9 R. 2. attendedcIohn Duke of Lancaster (then bearing the Title of King of Ca∣stile and Leon) into Spain. Whether he died there, or not, I am not certain; but plain it is, that he departedd this Life the same year, leaving Issue Ioane and Margaret his Daughterse and Heirs. Which Ioane dying without Issue, Margaret the Wife of Sir William Montfort of Colshill, in Com. Warr. Knight, became solef Heir to the whole In∣heritance, scil.g the Mannors of Hampton in Ar∣den, Hniley, Blackwell, Wyrmeleghton, Fenni-Cumpton, Aven-Dasset, Dunchurch, and Toft, all in Com. Warr. and Shenington, in Com. Glouc.