The baronage of England, or, An historical account of the lives and most memorable actions of our English nobility in the Saxons time to the Norman conquest, and from thence, of those who had their rise before the end of King Henry the Third's reign deduced from publick records, antient historians, and other authorities
Dugdale, William, Sir, 1605-1686.
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ABout the latter end of King William the Conquerors Reign, Patric de Cadurcis,* vulgarly called Choworth, sona of ... de Cadurcis, bornb in Little-Britanny, gavec to the Monks of S. PetersAbby in Gloucester, three Mills lying in Kynemersford, in Com. Glouc. which grant King William Rufus confirmed d. To him succeeded Patric* his sone and heir; who likewise bestowedf on those Monks a certain Mill, called Horcote, situate also in Kynemersford, with certain Land thereto belonging; as also the Tithes of the Meadows there. In 33 Hen. 2. this Patric, upon collection of the Scutage of Galwey, accountedg six pounds for the Knights Fees, be∣longing to the Honour of Striguill: and in six Ric. 1. paidh the like sum upon levying the Scu∣tage for the King's Redemption.

To him succeeded Pain de Chaworth,* who in 2 Hen. 3. becamei one of the Sureties for Isabell de Mortimer; viz.k that she should come to the King's Exchequer on the Octaves of S. Michaell to satisfie for such debts as were due from her to King Iohn; he being then one of the Barons∣marchers as it seems: And in 8 Hen. 3. upon col∣lection of the Scutage of Montgomery, answered l twenty five Marks for twelve Knights Fees and an half which he then had. This Pain tookm to Wife (Gundred) the daughter and heir to William de la Ferte, heirn to Margaret de la Ferte, second daughtero and coheir of William de Briwere (a great Baron of that age) and was buriedp in the Chapter-house of Gloucester-Abby, leaving issue Patric.

Which Patric,* in 23 Hen. 3. being then under age, compoundedq with the King for his own Wardship and Marriage; givingr five hundred pounds for the same. And in 21 Hen. 3. as Ne∣phew and Heir to the before-specified Margaret de la Ferte, gaves five hundred pounds Fine to the King for Livery of the Lands, which by right of Inheritance did descend to him from Pain de Cha∣worth his Father; and Margaret de Briwere his Grand-mother.

Moreover, in 29 Hen. 3. he received a Precept t from the King, whereby he had command to use all his power and diligence to annoy the Welch then in hostility: and took to WifeuHawyse the daughter and heir to Thomas de Londres (or Lon∣don) Lord of Ogmore and Kidwelly in Wales. In 42 Hen. 3. the Welch havingx by their bold Incursions made great spoil upon the Lands of Prince Edward, and divers of the King's good Subjects; he had summonsy (amongst others) to fit himself with Horse and Arms, and to attend the King at Chester upon Monday next after the Feast of S. Iohn Baptist, for restraining those their hostilities; and the same year departedz this life; being then seiseda of the Barony of Kenemersford, in Com. Glouc. As also of the Mannors of Steple-Lavinton, Berwyke and Standene, in Com. Wilts. Likewise of the Mannors of Weston and Swin∣burne, with the Hundred of Swinburne, in Com. Sutht. and of the Advowsons of the Church of Berwyke, and Chapel of Standene; all which were then of the yearly value of Clxix l. xviij s. viij d. leavingbPain de Chaworth,* his son and heir, thirteen years of age; and Hawise his Wife surviving; who in 43 Hen. 3. gavec a thousand Marks to the King for his Wardship.

Which Pain, together withdHrvic and Pa∣tric (his Brothers) in 54 Hen. 3. being signede with the Cross, attendedf Prince Edward into the Holy∣land.

After which ere long; viz. in 2 Edw. 1. Ha∣wyse his Mother departingg this life, then seised h of the Mannors of Hanedon and Inglesham, in Com. Wilts. As also of the Mannor of Esegareton, in Com. Berks. (a member of Kidwettie) he being i then of full age, had Liveryk of the Lands of her Inheritance paying his Relief. In 5 Edw. 1. thislPain was constitutedm General of the King's Army in West-Wales: whereupon Roger de Mortimer received commandn to assist him with all his power, and to admit him into all his Ca∣stles and Garrisons; at which time his successo was such, that the Welsh sought Peace, and did Ho∣mage to the King. And being thus victorious, was made Governourp of the Castles of Dumebor, Karekenyl and Landevery.

Moreover, in 6 Edw. 1. he obtained a grant q from the King, for a Market every week upon the Thursday at his Mannor of Aldrington, in Com. Northt. with a Fair yearly on the Eve, and morrow after the Feast of S. Margaret. Lastly, He bestowedr on the Monks of Blanchland, in the Diocess of S. Davids, nineteen Acres of arable Land; to the end, that every day, each Priest of that Abby, in his Celebration of Mass, should pray for the Souls of Sir Thomas de Londres, Patric de Chaworth, William and Maurice de Londres, Wa∣rine de Basingburne, the Lady Eve de Tracy, Alice and Gundred deceased: as also for the Soul of Hawyse de Londres his Mother, and for the good estate of him the said Pain, Patric, and Hervy his Brothers, and of Eve and Anne his Sisters: and dieds in 7 Edw. 1. being seisedt of the Mannor of Stoke-Bruere, in Com. Northt. leavinguPatric* his brother and heir of full age; who doing his Homage, had Liveryx of his Lands; but died y shortly after, viz. in 11 Edw. 1. being seised z of the Mannor of Ettelawe (parcel of the Baro∣ny of Kynemersford) in Com. Glouc. Also of one Messuage and four hundred Acres of arable Land in Est-Gareston, in Com. Berks. held by the ser∣vice of finding a Knight armed with Plate-Armour in the King's Army, when it should be in the Territory of Kedewelly. Moreover, of the Man∣nors of Berewyke, Staundon, and Hanedon, in Com. Wilts. Of the Mannors of Weston and Swineborne, in Com. Sutht. Of the Mannors of Kidewelly and Karnwathlan in Wales; and of the Mannor of Herteleg, in Com. Sutht. which was of the Frank-marriage of Isabell his Wife; leaving issue by the same Isabell (daughtera of William de Beauchamp Earl of Warwick) Maudb his daugh∣ter and heir marriedc to Henry of Lancaster, the King's Nephew.

Which Isabell surviving him, had an Assignati∣on d of the Mannors of Berwyke, Staundone, Hanedone, and Ingelsham, in Com. Wilts. Sum∣burn (excepting Stotbrigge a member thereof) in Com. Sutht. and Est-Garfton in Com. Berks. until her Dowry should be set forth; as also Liverye of the Mannors of Cheddeworth, in Com. Glouc. and Herteley, in Com. Sutht. which weref of her Frank-marriage. And shortly afterwards became the Wifeg of Hugh le Despenser, who marrying h her without the King's License, was Finedi at two thousand Marks.

¶Of this Family was also William de Chaworth, viz.* Sonk of Robert, Brother of the first Patric.Page  518 Which William, in 2 Ioh. gavel five pounds Fine to the King that he might not go be∣yound Sea. To whom succeeded Robert* his son and heir; which Robert, in 6 Ioh. paidm a Fine of one hundred Marks and one Palfrey for his Relief, and that he might have the King's Charter for those Lands he then held by military service, where∣of he had no Grant. But diedn without Issue; whereupon William his Brother becameo his heir.

Which William,* by Alice his Wife, daughter p of Robert, and sisterq and coheir to Thomas de Alfreton, had IssuerThomas de Chaworth,* whose Wardship and Marriage, in 26 Hen. 3. (he being then in minority) Robert de Lathom, and Ioane his Wife, one of the coheirs* to the said Thomas de Alfreton, givings one hundred and fifteen Marks obtained.t

In 31 Hen. 3. this Thomas de Chaworth (arriving to his full age) doingu his Homage, had Livery x of the Lands, so descended to him, by the death of Thomas de Aufreton: and, in 25 E. 1. had sum∣mons y to Parliament amongst the Barons of this Realm. Moreover, in 29 Edw. 1. he obtained z License to grant unto the Canons of Beauchief, in Com. Derb. ten Tofts, eleven Oxe-gangs, fifty eight Acres of Land, sixteen Acres of Wood, and ij l. xviij s. per Annum Rent, in Alfreton, Norton, Grenehull, Bradeway, and Wodesets, for the maintenance of one Priest to celebrate Divine Ser∣vice daily, in the Abbey of Beauchief, for the health of his own Soul, as also for the Soul of Ioane his Wife and their Ancestors; whereupon he gavea unto them the whole Hamlet of Grene∣hull, lying within the Soke of Norton, with cer∣tain Rents in Aufreton and Norton.

But in regard that neither he, nor any of his Posterity (which have ever since flourished in the Counties of Notingham and Derby) have after that time been farther summoned to Parliament, I shall here put a period to my discourse of this antient Family.