The baronage of England, or, An historical account of the lives and most memorable actions of our English nobility in the Saxons time to the Norman conquest, and from thence, of those who had their rise before the end of King Henry the Third's reign deduced from publick records, antient historians, and other authorities
Dugdale, William, Sir, 1605-1686.


IN the time of King William the Conqueror, Peter de Valoines* possesseda divers Lordships (or the greatest part of them) in sundry Counties of this Realm, viz. in Essex twelve, in Cambridgeshire one, in Lincolnshire one, in Hertfordshire seventeen, in Norfolk twen∣ty, and in Suffolk six; in which County, viz. at the Castle of Orford, his Descendants had the Head, or Capital Seat of their Barony.

This Peter, with Albreda his Wife, Sister b to Eudo Dapifer, (id est, Steward to king Henry the first) forc the health of the Soul of King William the Conqueror, and Maud his Queen; and for the good estate of King Henry the First, Foundedd the Priory of Bingm, in Nor∣folk, for Monks of S. Benedicts Order; making it a Celle to that great Abby of S. Albans in Hertfordshire, and amply endowed it with Lands and Revenues, whereof the Mannor of Binham was part, which he had (inter alia) by the giftf of the Conqueror.

To this Peter, King Henry the First gaveg an House in Hertford, with his Mills there; as also the Mannors of Esenden and Begeford. And in the seventh year of His Reign, joyned him in Commissionh with Robert, Bishop of Lincoln, and others, to determine the business concerning the Liberties, and Priviledges of the Church of Rippon, granted thereto by King Athelstan, which Osbert, the then Sheriff of Yorkshire, had infringed.

To him succeeded Roger,* his Son and Heir, who obtained from Maud, the Empress, a Con∣firmation i of the Grant of King Henry the First, of the Mannors of Esendene and Bege∣ford, and the Mills at Hertford; with all those other Lands and Fees, whereof his Father died seised; and had issuekPeter de Valoines, who took to WifelGundred de Warren; but died without issue, as it seems, for Robert, his Brother, succeededm in the Inheritance. Which Robert, in 12 Hen. 2. upon the Assessment of that Aid for marrying the Kings Daughter, certifiedn his Knights Fees to be in number thirty and a third part, De Veteri Feoffamento, and four De Novo. And in 14 Hen 2. upon the collection of that Aid, paido thirty marks and four shillings for those Fees.

Moreover, forp the health of his Soul, and the Soul of Hawise his Wife, he gaveq to the Canons of Waltham in Essex, the Church of All-Saints at Herttford; and diedr in 30 Hen. 2. leaving issues one sole Daughter his Heir, called Gunnora, marriedt to Robert Fitz-Walter (a great Baron in that time.) Which Gunnora, in 9 Ioh. had Liveryu of certain Lands in Burton in Com. Ebor. till then held in Dower by Emme de Humet, after the death of Geffrey de Valoines her Husband; which Lands did Hereditarily de∣scend to her the said Gunnora, as his Heir, viz.x the Mannors of Farleon, Cancefield, and Seing. in Comitat. Lanc. Newham in Com. Northumbr. Burton in Com. Eor: and Parte∣nay in Com. Linc. And in 13 Ioh. upony col∣lection of the Scutage of Scotland▪ answered z for thirty Fees and a third part, belonging to the Barony of Robert de Valoines, her late Father. But all that I have farther seen of her, is, That she gavea the Church of Wuelow, and Town of Luiton, to the Nuns of Haliwell in Com. Middl.

Of this Family was also Alan de Valoines,* who in 32, 33, & 34 Hen. 2. was Sheriffb of ent. So likewise inc 1 Rich. 1. In which year he ob∣tained a Grantd from that King of all the Lands of Torphin, of Alenestrue, id est, all Al∣nest••. and Adricheson, with Helen, the Heir of him the said Torphin: As alsoe all the Lands of the same Torphin, lying in Westmor∣land; likewisef the Land of Crosby and Nateby, with liberty to keep Greyhounds and Braches, to hunt and take the Hare and Fox in any of the Kings Forests. But departing this life without issue, before the sixth of Richard the First, Hugh de Hastings then gaveg a Fine of two hundred and twenty marks for liberty, to marry his Widow, with her Inheritance.

And in 12 Ioh. Robert de Valoines,* Brotherh of this Alan, gavei a Fine of one hundred marks, and two Palfreys, for Livery of the Mannor of Sointon, descendedk to him by this his death without issue.

This Robert marriedlRose, one of the Sisters and Heirs to that William le Blund, who was slain m in the Battle of Lewes, in 48 Hen. 3. and had issue Robert, who took to WifenEve de Criketot, by whom he had issueo two Daughters, his Heirs, viz. Roese, the Wifep of Sir Edmund Pakenham Knight, and Cicely ofqRobert de Vfford.

After this last Robert,* ere long I meet with an∣other Robert de Valoines, who in 10 Edw. 1. died r seised of divers Lands in Walsham in Com. Suff. Likewise of the moity of the Mannor of TXworth, which he held in capite by Barony; as alsos of the Mannors of Wrabbenasse, Tollesfont, and Blontshull.

I now come to Theobald de Valoines, another Branch of this Stock.

This Theobald* gavet to the Canons of Hike∣ling in Com. Norf. his Lordship of Arlum, with the Churches of hikeling, Perham, and Haketon; and bestowedu on Ioane and Anne his Sisters, then professed Nuns, all his Land of Campesse, to found a Monastery there. An∣other Daughter he had called Berta, marriedx to Ranulph de Glanvill, Justice of England, for some years of King Henry the Seconds Reign; and departedy this life in 11 Ioh. Whereupon Thomas, his Son and Heir, gave three hundred marks, and three Palfreys for Livery of his Lands.

Which Thomas* in 17 Ioh. adheredz to the Rebellious Barons then in Arms, by reason where∣of, his Lands lying in Norfolk, Suffolk, and Cambridgeshire, were givena to Walter de Evermus: But in 1 Hen. 3. returningb to obedi∣ence, he had restitutionc of them again.

Another Branch of this Family was Philip de Valoines,* who in 2 Rich. 1. gaved an hundred pounds for Livery of the Lands of Geffrey his Brother, being his Heir.

Page  442 To which Philip succeeded Sybilla, (his Daughter and Heir, as I ghess) who, in 6 Rich. 1. gavee forty marks to be exempted from that ex∣pedition then made into Normandy; and in 10 Rich. 1. paid a Finef of fifty marks for liberty to marry. Whereupon she became the Wife of ... Stutevill: For certain it is, That Eustace de Stutevill wasg her Son and Heir, from whom descended Robert de Stutevill, whose ancestor the before specified Philip de Valoines is saidh to be.

This Sybill gavei to the Nuns of Rossedale in Com. Ebor. the Church of hoRpenhold, in the Diocess of CarlisLe. She likewise bestowed k on the Knights Hospitalers the Mannor of the Holy Trinity of Reverley in Com. Ebor. with divers Lands in that Town; as alsol the Mannor of orth Burton, with certain Lands there, and in North Dalton.