The antiquities of Warwickshire illustrated from records, leiger-books, manuscripts, charters, evidences, tombes, and armes : beautified with maps, prospects and portraictures
Dugdale, William, Sir, 1605-1686.

Aston Cantlow.

BEing now past that large parish of UUoot∣ton-wawen, I come next to Aston-Cantlow, si∣tuate on the Southern bank of Alne. Before the Norman Invasion, Algar Earl of Mercia was i pos∣sest hereof; but upon that great distribution then made by King William unto his friends and follow∣ers, this place with divers lands of a large extent, as well here as in other Counties, was conferred (as I guesse) upon one Richard a noble Norman; for it appears by the generall Survey k begun about the xiiiith year of that King's reign, that Osbernus fil. Ricardi then enjoy'd it, with several other fair Lordships ling in this Shire as also in the Coun∣ties of Worcester, Hereford, Bedford, Salop, and Nottingham, whose principal seat was (as I also conjecture) at Ricard's Castle in Hereford∣shire; which being (doubtlesse) built by the same Richard for better a wing of the vanquisht English, did afterwards retain his name, and continueth it to this day. In that authentique Record l this place is written Estone, by reason of its Eastern site from Alcester (I presume) which was of a more an∣tient plantation: and the value thereof then cer∣tified to be vi li. being esteemed at v. hides, ••ving a Church, as also one Mill, with Woods of a mile in length and as much in breadth: the Descendants of which Osbernus, I have put in Farnborough; for unto them did it continue but a while, Tankervile, who was Camerarius Normanniae, possessing m it in 15 H. 2. yet no otherwise than as a Fermor to the King, as appears by some n Records.

But in 6 Ioh. Will. de Cantilupe obtained o it with the corn and stock thereon, which the Shiriff was commanded to value, and according to the rate they should be prized at, to deliver p them un∣to him: and from hence had it the addition of his name joyned thereto, for distinction from the other Astons in this Couny. Here hath been q antient∣ly a Park, and by the tradition of the Inhabitants, a Castle also, situate Southwards of the Church; but the Moat and banks thereof are now so levelled, that there is scarce any appearance of it: At which Castle, forasmuch as the before specified William and his descendants had (without doubt) their principal residence, till by marriage with Eva, the daughter and heir of Will. de Braose, to Will. his grandson, the Castle and Honour of Bergavenny came to this Family I have here thought fit to say something historically of them.

  • ..... de Cantilupe.
    • Will. de Cantilupe Senesch. Regis obiit 23 H. 3.
      • Matilda relict 36 H. 3. - Will. de Canti∣lupe ob. 35 H. 3. - Milisent filia Hug. de Gor∣nai.
        • Will. de Canti∣lupe obiit 39 H. 3. - Eva filia & cohaer. Will. de Braosa.
          • Georgius de Cantilupe obiit sine prole 1 E. 1.
          • Iohanna. - Henricus de Hastings.
            • Ioh. de Hastings dominus de Bergavenny 11 E. 1.
          • Milisent uxor Eudo∣ni de la Zouch 2 E. 1.
        • Thomas de Cantilupe Episc. Here∣fordiae.
        • Iuliana uxor do∣mini Roberti de Tregoz.
      • Walt. de Cantilupe Episc. Wi∣gorn.
      • Ioh. de Cantilupe de Snit∣field 20 H. 3.
      • Nich. de Cantilupe 46 H. 3.
    • *Sibilla uxor Gal∣fridi de Pancefote.

This Will. de Cantelu, or Cantelupe (for I find him both ways written) was a person of great emi∣nency and power in his time. In 1 Ioh. he had a discharge r for the Scuage then due from him. In 3, 4, 5, & 6 Ioh. he was Shiriff s of this County and Leicestershire, and upon leaving that office, constituted Governour t of the Castles of Hereford, Wilton and Purrebach: Nay in those great dif∣ferences betwixt the said King and Pope Innocent the 3. in 13 Ioh. he is taken notice u of to have been one of that King's Chief Councellors and di∣rectors; and from the 12th year to the end of his reign, had again the custody w of the before specifi∣ed Counties. In 15 Ioh. he obtained the King's special Precept x to the Barons of his Exchequer, to respite their demand of CCCC. Marks debt, due by him; viz. CCC. marks for a Fine, which he was to have payd for the Wardship, and custody of the land of Henry de Longcamp's heir; and C. marks which the sand King had lent him upon his Voyage into Almaine. In 16 Ioh. he had y Scutage of his Tenants, in satisfaction for those souldiers which Page  614 were then maintained by him in Poictou for the King's service; as also the same year was, amongst others, a witnesse z to that notable Charter gran∣ted by the said King to the Archb. of Canterb. and other Bishops, in behalf of all the Churches and Monasteries of England: and in 17 Ioh. got a pardon a for a debt of CClxii marks and xvid. which was by his own agreement to have been payd as a fine, for obtaining the Countesse of Eu∣reux in marriage for his son.

And yet, notwithstanding all these favours, it appears b that in that great defection of the Barons, the same year, he forsook the King and adhered to them; but did not persist long in that error, as it seems; for shortly after, I find, that he had a grant c of all the lands of Nich. de Verdon, and so also d of Thurstane de Mountfort, great Actors in that Rebellion; and was made Governour e of the strong Castle of Kenilworth in this Countie, being then Steward f of the King's houshold. Having thus shewed in what esteem he was with K. Iohn, let us now take a view of his favour with K. H. 3. and of his eminency in those times. In 1. of that K. reign, he was g in person with the royall Army at the siege of Mountfsorell Castle in Leicestersh. and at raising h the seige, which the rebellious Ba∣rons had made against the Castle of Lincoln. In 2 H. 3. again made Shiriffi of this County and Leicestersh. in which office he continued k till the 8th year of that King's reign. In 5 H. 3. he had the K. special Letter l authorizing him to receive of the several Kts. Fees held of him x s. in respect that he was in person with the K. at the seige of Bitham Castle in Lincolnsh. In 6 H. 3. he had, by the Ks. special command, all the Castles that be∣longed to Reginald de Braose, deceaed, committed m to his charge, being then Steward to the K. as he had been to his father: but it seems that his chief residence was then at Kenilw. Castle before specifi∣ed; for no lesse doth the Record n, appointing him timber for repair of the buildings, for his habitation there, import: Howbeit, the same year, being made Governour o of Hereford Castle, he had in Decem∣ber 8 H. 3. a discharge p of his Shiriffalty here, and of the Custody of Kenilworth Castle, which was thereupon delivered up to qIohn Russell, unto whom also those Counties were then committed.

It should seem that, about this time, he adhered to r the Earl of Chester, and some other of the Barons, who began to swell against the King, and give out big words on the behalf of that Earl, whose Castles the said King thought fit to sieze: but seeing themselves not strong enough to go through with their designe, were glad to submit: For which offence I do not find that the Ks. displeasure stuck long upon him, in regard that within 3 years after, by his Pat s bearing date 18 Aug. he confirm∣ed unto him this Mannour of Eston, which for∣merly did belong to Raph de Tankervile Chamber∣lain (of Normandy) with the Mannour of Mid∣dleston, that pertained to Gilbert de Vilers, to hold till such time as the said King should please to re∣store them unto the right heirs of the said Raph and Gilbert; which Mannours he the said Will. had first received by the grant of K. Iohn, as the same Record testifieth: for confirmation whereof, as also for a Mercate and Faire here, he then gave the K. a Fine t of xv. marks. And in 13 H. 3. re∣ceived farther testimony of the King's favour, by a Pardon u of xl. marks, due from him to have been payd into the Exchequer, for certain amerciaments laid upon him by the Justices Itinerant; and an acceptance of x. marks per an. till the C. marks lent unto him by King Iohn, were satisfied, which summe the said King delivered unto him when he went on his Embassie into Almaine, as I have al∣ready intimated.

In 15 H. 3. he had another confirmation w of this Lordship, extending also to his heirs; with a speciall Proviso, that if the said King or his heirs should afterward restore it to the heirs of Tanker∣vile, he the said William and his heirs should have other lands of as good value in recompence thereof; that Charter of confirmation bearing date at Wenloc 26 Maii. Of which noble person I fur∣ther find x, that he obtained the Advouson and pa∣tronage of the Priory of Studley (near this place, as I have there shewed) from Peter de Corbucon, heir to the Founder; whereunto he gave y a fair portion of lands lying in Shotswell: That he al∣so built * an Hospitall at the Gates of that Mona∣stery: That he bore for his Armes Gules 3 flower de lices Or, as by his Seal z appeareth, within the compasse whereof; scil. towards the lower part of the Shield, there is a Star, with a Cressant, which is a Badge (as hath been observed by ju∣dicious Antiquaries) of his service in the Holy warrs: And that he departed a this life 7 Id. Apr. 23 H. 3. being then very aged; leaving issue se∣veral sons, viz. William his son and heir, Walter a Priest b and imployed c by King H. 3. as his A∣gent to the Court of Rome, afterwards elected d Bshop of Worcester whose story I refer to God∣wyn; Iohn Lord of Snitfield in this Countie; and Nicholas,e of whom I find no more than the bare mention.

Which Will. being a martial man as well as his father, and accompanying him f at raising the seige of Lincolne Castle, in 1 H. 3. had in 15 H. 3. much of his father's estate past over to him, for which he then did g his homage to the King: And in 24 H. 3. obtained a special Charter h for ex∣empting him from any suit to the County or Hun∣dred Courts, Leet, Aid to the Shiriff and Hidage for all his lands in England. After which, viz. in 26 H. 3. he attended i the King in that his French expedition, which was so unprosperous: and having been in 28 H. 3. sent k with other of the great Nobilitie, to solicite the Prelates for an Aid of money, according to the Popes Letters on the King's behalf, was the next ensuing year one of those that went Embassiador l to the general Councell then held at Lions, there to complain of the grievous exactions used here in England by the Court of Rome, as well from the Clergie as Laitie, and to crave remedie for the same. Which William, bearing a devout affection to the Canons of Studley before specified, gave m to the Hospital of his Father's building there, lands to the value of x li. per an. lying within this Lordship; as also certain Rent and pasturage for Cattell, in Sou∣thernkeston, with the Church of Hemeston in De∣vonshire. And having besides all this, obtained a special Charter n for exempting their Woods, si∣tuate within the Forest of Fekenham, from any view of the King's Foresters and Verderers; and been Steward o to the King, as his Father was, as also a most faithfull Councellor p, left issue by Mi∣lisent the daughter of Hugh de Gornay, Will.q his son and heir, Thomasr Bishop of Hereford (who in 34 E. 1. was * canonized for a Saint) and Iu∣lian the s wife of Sir Rob. de Tregoz; and departed Page  615 this life in 35 H. 3. immediatly whereupon, Wil∣liam his eldest son, performing his homage, and gi∣ving security for payment of his Relief, which was C li. had livery t of his lands.

Which William in 37 H. 3. obtained a pardon from u the King for pulling down the Castle of Penros, in Wales, belonging to Iohn de Mone∣muth; as also for w five marks, at which this his Mannour of Aston was amerced, for protecting one Rob. de Shelfhill, who had been indicted for certain misdemeanors: and in 38 H. 3. was con∣stituted x Governor of Bovelt Castle in Breck∣nockshire. To the before specified Hospitall, built at the Gate of the Priory of Studley, he gave y the advouson of the Church here at Aston; and ha∣ving wedded zEva one of the daughters aad coheirs to Will. de Braose of Brecknock, with whom he had the territory of Upper Went, and other lands in England and Wales, departed a this life in the flower of his youth, to the great grief of ma∣ny, leaving issue b by her the said Eva, George his son and heir, and two daughters. Of which George, (being scarce c 3. years old at that time) I have found very little that is memorable his death hapning before he arrived to years, whereby he could be qualified for any great action, viz. in d 1 Edw. 1. Therefore, whether the marriage be∣twixt him and Margaret the daughter of Edmund de Lacy was ever consummated, as their parents had designed e, when he was scarce two years old, I cannot tell; but sure I am that he had no f issue: for Iohn the son of Henry de Hastings, and Mili∣cent then the wife of Eudo (or Yvo) la Zouche, were found g to be his sisters and heirs.

Which Henry being in h minority in 36 H. 3. and in Ward to Guy de Luzignian the King's half brother, had the benefit of his marriage, then dis∣posed i of by the said Guy unto Will. de Canti∣lupe before specified, who gave his daughter Ioane thus in wedlock to him. Whereupon by partition made * betwixt those coheirs, the said Milisent had for her share the Castle of Totenesse in Com. Devon. the Mannours of Eyton n com. Bedf. and Haringworth in Northamptonshire with other fair possessions in England and Wales; as also the advouson of the Priory of Studley in this County: And Iohn de Hastings, the son of Ioane beforementioned, had Bergavenny with the Castle and Honour (which were of the inheritance of Eva de Breause his grandmother) together with the Castle of Kilgaran in Com. Pembr. and amongst other large territories in England and Wales, this Mannour of Aston, then valued at Lix li. iiii s. i d. per an. all which were in the King's hands at the time of the said Partition made, by reason of his minority. But touching the Family of Hastings I shall speak historically in Fillongley, and there∣fore purpose to make no other mention of them here, than what particularly relates to this place.

In 13 E. 1. this Iohn de Hastings claimed l a Court-Leet, with Assize of Bread and Beer, Weifs, Gallows, and Free warren within this Mannour, by Prescription; all which were allowed. From which time this Mannour, was, for divers descents, enjoy'd by the posterity of the said Iohn, as I could sufficiently demonstrate, if need were, except for so long as Will. de Clinton Earl of Huntingdon held m two parts of it, in right of Iulian his wife, widow to Iohn de Hastings, father of Laurence Earl of Pembroke: After the death of which Lau∣rence it appears n, that it was held of the King in Capite by the service of one Foot souldier in the Warrs of Wales, with a Bow without a string, and a Helmet for his head, by the space of xl dayes, at his own proper costs, as often as there should be any hostility in Wales. From which Family of Hastings it descended not to the Lord Grey of Ru∣thin, through the heir female; but by virtue of a speciall Entail o made by Iohn de Hastings, E. of Pembroke, son and heir to the before specified Laurence (whereof in Fillongley I shall speak) was setled, together with the Castle and Honour of Bergavenny, and other large possessions, upon Sir Will. de Beuchamp Kt second son to Thomas E. of Warwick and his heirs: Which William, bea∣ring the title p of Lord Bergavenny, dyed q seized thereof in 12 H. 4. from whom it descended r to Ric. Beauchamp Earl of Worcester, his son and heir; whose daughter and heir Elizabeth be∣ing wedded s to Sir Edw. Nevill Knight (a youn∣ger son to Raph Earl of Westmerland) thence∣forth summoned t to Parl. as Lord Bergavenny, brought it, with other lands of a large extent, to that noble Family; wherein it hath ever since con∣tinued being enjoy'd by the right honourable Iohn Lord Bergavenny at this day.

The Church (dedicated to St. Iohn Bapt.) be∣ing given u to the Canons of Studley (as I have formerly intimated) by the last Will. de Cantilupe in H. 3. time, was in an. 1291 (19 E. 1.) valued w at xxxiii marks: which grant did not stand so firme but that the heirs of Cantilupe repossest it again; for in 24 E. 1. it appears, that the said Canons gran∣ted x to Iohn de Hastings, then Lord of this Man∣nour, lands to the value of xiii li. per an. lying here, in exchange for the said advouson. Nay I find, that after this, the Family of Hastings, being po∣tent, had it again from the said Canons: for in 19 E. 3. did Laurence de Hastings Earl of Pembroke passe y it away to Will. de Clinton Earl of Hunting∣don and his heirs; who immediately thereupon gave z it to the Priory of Makstoke, then newly by him founded: whereupon the Canons of Mack∣stoke obtained License a from the K. for appropri∣ating it to their House; which appropriation was accordingly accomplisht, the same year, by VVol∣stan then Bishop of Worcester, as by his Instru∣ment b dated at Blocklegh 4 Oct. appeareth; and confirmed by his Chapter, by reason whereof, they had a yearly Pension of xiii s. iiii d. payable on the Feast day of the Annunciation of our Lady, gran∣ted c to them: In which year was likewise an Or∣dination d of the Vicaridge. But notwithstanding all this, it so fell out afterwards, that the Canons of Studley, by colour of their originall title, got into the possession thereof again; whereupon great suits e arose betwixt those of Mackstoke and them: yet in the end they of Makstoke prevailed; who to strengthen their title, had the King's confirmati∣on f in 5 H. 4. For which they gave a Fine g of Lxxi li. xi s. that they might enjoy it according to the tenor of the appropriation thereof so made to them as aforesaid. In 26 H. 8. the Vicaridge was valued h at x li. at which time the Synodalls and Procurations issuing out of it were x s. v d. ob.

Page  616
Patroni Ecclesiae.
Incumbentes &c.
D. Alianora Regina Angliae
*Rad. de Alemannia Cler. 8. Id. Dec. 1277.
D. Ioh de Hastings.
*D. Will. de Stratford Cap. 2. Cal. Maii 1295.
D. Ioh de Hastings.
*Ioh. de Brom Accol. 14 Cal. Ian. 1299.
D. Ioh de Hastings.
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D. Rad. de Monthe∣hermerii.
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Nobilis mulier Isabella de Hastings.
*Will. de Beresord Cler. 23 Apr. 1328.
Nobilis mulier Isabella de Hastings.
*Rob. Mauduit Cler. 2 Cal. Iulii 1330.
Patroni Vicariae.
Prior & Conv. de Makstoke.
*Nich. de Sheldon Pbr. 17 Iulii 1339.
Prior & Conv. de Makstoke.
*D. Adam de Overton Pbr. 14 Sept. 1345.
Prior & Conv. de Makstoke.
*Ric. de VValford Pbr. 14 Sept. 1361.
Prior & Conv. de Makstoke.
*Rob. de irchesley Non. Feb. 1365.
Prior & Conv. de Makstoke.
*Ric. Puleney Pbr. 22 Nov. 1369.
Patroni Ecclesiae.
Henr. Rex Angl. per recuperat. juris ad praesent. de Pr. & C. de Studley.
*Thomas Burdet Cler. 25 Iunii 1402.
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H. Dux Suff. & D. Franc. ux. ejus, D. Marg. Clifford & Will. Stanley miles cohaer. Caroli D. Suff.
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D. Episc. per lapsum.
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Henr. 8. Rex Angl. &c.
D. Thomas King Pbr. 23 Feb. 1536.*
Ric. Wright de Clopton sen. gen.
VVill. Tomlinson Cler. 29 Iulii 1622.*

In this Church there was antiently a certain Fra∣ternity or Gild, consisting of the Parishioners only, being founded by them to the honour of God and the blessed Virgin, but it had no lawfull establish∣ment till 9 E. 4. at which time upon the humble Petition of the Inhabitants, License i was granted to Sir Edw. Nevill Knight, then Lord of the Man∣nour, that he should so settle and order the same, as that there might be a certain Priest maintained there, to celebrate divine service daily at the Altar of the blessed Virgin in the said Church, for the good estate of the said K. Edw. 4. and Eliz. his Consort, as also for the Brethren and Sisters of that Frater∣nitie, during this life, and for their souls after their departure hence, and the souls of all the faithfull deceased: which accordingly was effected, and lands disposed thereunto for that purpose, k valued at vii li. ix s. ii d. ob. per an. in 37 H. 8.

Armes depicted on the roof of the Chancell.
Gules a fesse betwixt six Crosse Crosslets Or.
Beauchamp E. of Warwick.
Argent 3 Crosse Crosslets fiche sable, upon a cheif Azure a Mullet and a Rose Or.
Argent 6 Crosse Crosslets fichè Sable, upon a cheif Azure two Mullets Or.
Clinton Earl of Huntingdon.