A sermon preached to the renowned company of the artillery, 1 September, 1640 designed to compose the present troubles by discovering the enemies of the peace of the church and state
Downing, Calybute, 1606-1644.
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THe strange repre∣sentations & false charges that haue beene laid upon this service, presse me to give way to the publish∣ing, for though I conceive it no ill manners in an e∣vill time to decline the bringing in of private pa∣pers to serve in suggestion, for an inquisition, yet I concluded myselfe bound Page  [unnumbered] in due season to give satis∣faction to pious and pru∣dent men, so that were it not suspition of a work of darkenesse impends over this sermon, I should ne∣ver let these lines passe as worthy the light, but be∣ing universally required to it both by friends and enemies, I beseech the wi∣ser well minded world to iudge by the intent, the action & the event, whe∣ther I meant mischiefe, or my adversaries were mi∣staken, which I confesse they could hardly avoyd considering their princi∣ples and the present con∣iuncture Page  [unnumbered] of affaires: so that to what any shall af∣firme, I say no; to what some have lately infor¦med, I say nothing, as wil∣ling to distinguish betwixt doing me a personall dis∣pleasure, & the state a ser∣vice; I could say no lesse, nor will say no more, but only desire such men to re∣member that they forget not honesty nor humanity when they accuse others for dealing falsly in divi∣nity, and then I believe we shall have more peace and fewer pamphlets.