The case of James Percy, claymant to the Earldom of Northumberland with an impartial account of the proceedings he hath made in the several courts of justice in order to the proving and obtaining his right and title to the said Earldom : humbly addressed to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, and the Right Honourable the Lords spiritual and temporal in Parliamnet [sic] assembled.
Percy, James, 1619-1690?, Grey of Ruthin, Charles Longueville, Baron, 1618-1643.

Lunae 1st. February, 1640.

THE Judges this day delivered their Opinion in the Case of the Lord Grey, and Charles Longeville, Esq concerning the Titles of the Baronies of Hastings and Ruthin.

1. Whether a Possessio Fratris can be upon a Baronage by Writ.

And it was the Unanimous Opinions of the Judges, That there can be no Posses∣sio Fratris in Point of Honour; And upon somewhat, which was spoken of in the Argument concerning Power, in Conveying away of Honour,

It was Resolved upon the question Nemene Contradicente.

That no Person that hath any Honour in him, and a Peer, may Alien or Trans∣fer the Honour to any other person.

Resolved upon the Question.

That no Peer of this Realm can drown and extinguish his Honour (but that it descends to his Descendants) Neither by Surrender, Grant, Fine, nor any other Con∣veyance to the King.

Upon which the said House, Confirmed the said Opinion, and did accordingly Order the Dignities to Charles Longeville Esq Veneris 5. die Febr. Sequentis.

Vera Copia Examinat' per Original' J. P.