The case of James Percy, claymant to the Earldom of Northumberland with an impartial account of the proceedings he hath made in the several courts of justice in order to the proving and obtaining his right and title to the said Earldom : humbly addressed to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, and the Right Honourable the Lords spiritual and temporal in Parliamnet [sic] assembled.
Percy, James, 1619-1690?, Grey of Ruthin, Charles Longueville, Baron, 1618-1643.
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To the KING's Most Excellent * MAJESTY, The Humble Petition of Charles Longeville Esq Cousin and next Heir of Henry late Earl of Kent, Lord Hastings, Longeville and Ruthin, deceased.

Humbly Shewing,

THat Reginald Grey Your Petitioners Successor, whose Heir he is, was Seized to him and his Heirs, as of Fee and Right of the Dignities of Lord Hastings and Ruthin; That is to say, of the Title of Lord Ruthin, by descent from Roger Lord Grey of Ruthin his Father; and being so seized, was divers imes, in the Reign of Your Majesties Royal Pre∣decessors, King Edward the III. Summoned into the Court of Parlia∣ment, by the Name of Reginald Grey of Ruthin, and accordingly sat therein; and of the said Titles and Dignities dyed Seized, and by divers mean descents, the same Dig∣nity descended unto Edmond Grey, Knight, who, by reason thereof, was seized of the Dignities thereof, as of Fee to him and his Heirs; and being so seized, the said Edmond, by the Name of Edmond Lord Hastings and Ruthin, was by the Letters Patents of Your Majesties Predecessors, King Edward the IV. Created Earl of Kent to him, and to the Heirs Males of his body begotten; and shortly after, of the Dignities aforesaid, dyed seized; after whose decease, the said Title of Earl of Kent, and of Lord Hastings and Ruthin, by divers Mesne Descents, did descend and come to Sir Henry Grey Knight, Cousin and Heir of the said Edmond: By reason whereof, he became of the said Dignities seized; That is to say, of the said Title of the Earl of Kent to him, and to the Heirs Males of the Body of the said Edmond: And of the said Title of Lord Hast∣ing and Ruthin to him and his Heirs, and thereof dyed seized; by means whereof, as the said Title and Earl of Kent, is descended, and come to the Right Honourable Anthony now Earl of Kent, as Heir-Male of the Body to the said Edmond; so that the said Dignities of the Lord Hastings and Ruthin, are of right •••cended to Your Petiti∣oner, as Rightful Cousin and Heir of the said Reginald and Nephew, and next Heir of the said Henry Earl of Kent; That is to say, Son and Heir of Susan, late Wife of Sir Michael Longeville Knight, Sister and Heir of the said Henry.

May it therefore please Your Excellent Majesty, Graciously to give Command for Your Petitioners Summons to this present Parliament, there to sit and enjoy the Place and Preheminences to the said Dignities to him descended, and of Right belonging; And Your Petitioner shall daily pray, &c.

His Majesties Reference.

At Our Court at Whitehall, the 25th. of November 1640.

WE are Graciously pleased to refer the Petition, and the Consideration thereof, and of the Petitioners Claim and Title to the Peers o Our Parliament; and Our Will and Pleasure, That Justice and Right be done hereupon.

Order hereupon, it was referred to the Commitee of Priviledges, and the Lord Ruthin to have notice of it, and a Copy of the Petition.