The tears of the Indians being an historical and true account of the cruel massacres and slaughters of above twenty millions of innocent people, committed by the Spaniards in the islands of Hispaniola, Cuba, Jamaica, &c. : as also in the continent of Mexico, Peru, & other places of the West-Indies, to the total destruction of those countries
Casas, Bartolomé de las, 1474-1566., Phillips, John, 1631-1706.

Of New Spain.

IN the year 1517. New Spain was disco∣vered; after the discovery of which they did nothing first or second, but immedi∣ately sell to their old practises of cruelty and slaughter: for in the following year the Spaniards (who call themselves Chri∣stians) went thither to rob and kill; though they gave out that they went to people the Countrey. From that year un∣to this present year 1542. the violence, injustice and tyrannies of the Spaniards came to their full height; and now quite forgetting their humane natures, they laid aside all fear of God or of their King. For the slaughters, massacres, cruelties, deva∣stations of Countreys, destructions of Ci∣ties, violences, tyrannies, and rapines of the Spaniards, which they did commit in Page  33 these so many several and so large King∣domes, are so numberlesse, and strike the minde with such a horror, that those which we have before related, are nothing in respect of these which we are to relate, being all perpetrated in the year 1518. and continued to this very moneth in a most sad and dreadfull manner; so that what we said before holds very true, that the Spaniards still went on from bad to worse, themselves striving to exceed themselves in wickednesse.

And thus from the first entry of the Spa∣niards into New Spain, which happened up∣on the tenth day of the moneth of Aprill, continuing from the eighteenth year untill the thirtieth, in which space of time are contained twelve years compleat, there hath been no end of the bloudy massacres and cruel slaughters of the Spaniards, perpetra∣ted in the continent of Mexico and the parts adjoyning, which contained four or five large Kingdomes, that neither for com∣passe nor fertility gave place to Spain. All this region was more populous then either Toledo, Sevill, Valadolid, Augusta Caesarea, or Faventia; nay I may affirm that there is not at this present, neither was there when those places were at the highest of their flourishing estate, so many people as in those parts, which take up the space of Page  34 above a thousand and eight hundred miles. In these ten or twelve years, what with Men, Women, Youths, and Children, above four millions were by the Spaniards consu∣med part by fire, part by the sword in these destructive wars; wars more unjust and more condemn'd both by the Law of God and men, then any invasion of the Turk against the Catholique Religion. Neither do we now reckon those that died under the intolerable yoke and burdens of their captivity.

There is no language, no art or humane science, that can avail to recite the abomi∣nable crimes and bloudy actions commit∣ted by these enemies not only of Common-wealths, but of all humane societies; nei∣ther can any diligence, or time of writing sufficiently aggravate the circumstances of these detestable deeds. Notwithstanding something I shall say of every one of them; though I do seriously protest, that I con∣not rehearse one thing of a thousand in re∣spect of all that were done.