The tears of the Indians being an historical and true account of the cruel massacres and slaughters of above twenty millions of innocent people, committed by the Spaniards in the islands of Hispaniola, Cuba, Jamaica, &c. : as also in the continent of Mexico, Peru, & other places of the West-Indies, to the total destruction of those countries
Casas, Bartolomé de las, 1474-1566., Phillips, John, 1631-1706.
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The Tears of the INDIANS: BEING An Historical and true Account Of the Cruel Massacres and Slaughters of above Twenty Millions of innocent People; Committed by the Spaniards In the Islands of Hispaniola, Cuba, Iamaica, &c. As also, in the Continent of Mexico, Peru, & other Places of the West-Indies, To the total destruction of those Countries.

Written in Spanish by Casaus, an Eye-witness of those things; And made English by I. P.

DEUT. 29.15.

Therefore thine eye shall have no compassion; but life for life, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.

LONDON, Printed by I. C. for Nath. Brook, at the Angel in Cornhil. 1656.