An essay upon the inscription of Macduff's crosse in Fyfe by I.C., 1678.

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An essay upon the inscription of Macduff's crosse in Fyfe by I.C., 1678.
Cunningham, James, d. 1697?
Edinburgh :: Printed by the heir of Andrew Anderson ...,

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Scotland -- Antiquities.
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THat, Gentle Reader, I may conceale you nothing; Just now, as it was a doing under the Irons am I told there is an exact Coppie, with a true exposition of this Inscription at the New∣burgh, in the hands, or books of the Clerk there: And yet my Informer, though with us a good Antiquarie and Historian, could neither tell me the lines, nor the exposition. And pitie it were that so old and famous a Monument in this our Kingdom, should be so closlie dormant, in a poo Countrey-village, without being communicate (for ought I know) to any: For it should seem, our Clerk-register Skeen, had neither seen nor heard of it, otherwayes (me thinks) he would hardly have called the lines so barbarous. But this, however, I hope may invite those of the Newburgh to divulge it, (if any-such thing they have) for it is onely truth, (not vanity) that here I am in quest of. And as this my weak Essay, I have adventured upon, without the help of any living So crave I no it other Patron, but, Courteous Reader, your own Candour and Ingenuity.

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