The guardian, a comedie acted before Prince Charls, His Highness at Trinity-Colledg in Cambridge, upon the twelfth of March, 1641
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667.

Act. 5. Scaen. 3.

Aurelia, Lucia.

O Iane, that's well; little think you what good's towards you; 'tis that you have wisht for, I dare say, thse five yeers; a good handsome husband. What think you of young Truman?

I think every thing
That makes a man compleat, and his wife happie,
The richest glories of a minde and body,
And their not ill companion, Fortune too,
Are reconcil'd and married all in him:
And I commend the wisdom of your stars,
That joyn you two together.

Nay saith thou shalt e'en have him Page  [unnumbered] thy self for better or worse. He's too han∣some indeed, unless he could make better use of his beauty; for by my troth, wench, I'm afraid thou'lt finde thy pillow as good a bed-fellow.


I pray do not mock your servant.


Thou shalt see, Iane, I do not; come in, wench, and I'll tell thee all my plot.