The guardian, a comedie acted before Prince Charls, His Highness at Trinity-Colledg in Cambridge, upon the twelfth of March, 1641
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667.

Act. 3. Scaen. 2.

Truman filius, Solus.
Our minds are like the Sea, and eve∣ry Passion
Like some fierce Tempest stricken from the North,
Disturbs the Peaceful calmness of our thoughts:
Custom of anger drives us from our selves,
The Adrian Gulf a milder fury hurries;
Those Waves touch Heaven, but these arise to Hell.
Sometimes the winged whirle-wind of blind Avarice
Shoots it self forth, and sweeps up all be∣fore it.
Now we with greedy hope, knock at the Sphears,
Anon the deadly hand of cold dispair
Throws us beneath the grave: and midst these dangers
The flame of Love appears in stead of lightning;
And with sad glory frights the night it self.
Oh! 'tis a subtil fire! and kills, but wounds not.
Good God! What more then man can safe∣ly pass
The Bilows, Rocks, and Monsters of this Ocean,
Unless some pow'r Divine, become his Pilot?
For then the windes would scatter, the waves shrink,
And th'outworn storm suffer it self a ship∣wrack.