Remarks of the government of severall parts of Germanie, Denmark, Sweedland, Hamburg, Lubeck, and Hansiactique townes, but more particularly of the United Provinces with some few directions how to travell in the States dominions : together with a list of the most considerable cittyes in Europe, with the number of houses in each citty
Carr, William, 17th cent.
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Great SIR,

PRovidence the wise disposer of us all, sending me abroad to seeke bread Page  [unnumbered] in a strange land, gave me the good fortune to be a spectator of some of the Heroick Actions of your Royall Highnesse, not only at the takeing of Narden, and the Grave from the French, but at severall other places; I have been also happy in liveing long in the Hague where for severall yeares I had the opportunitie of observeing, (or rather Admiring) your High∣nesse wise direction and Government in the seve∣rall▪ Colledges of the Page  [unnumbered]States, where some times your Highnesse hath been pleased to Act the part of the Pensionarie during his Indisposition; But why doe I speake of these things? All the world knowes that your Highnes hath wrestelled with and overcome the greatest Difficulties Imaginable, not feareing the frownes and unjust proceedings of some, who by force of Armes detaine part of your Highnesses sovera∣nity and inheritance, nor could the large Proffers Page  [unnumbered] and Advantages offered to you by some, at any time shake that sted∣fastnes and Princely re∣solution your Highnesse ever had to stand by and dye for the Intrest of the Common-wealth; No God hath certainely chosen your Highnesse to be a Moises to goe in and out before his People, and to be a glory to the Royall Familie of the Stewards. And now great Sir I want words to beg your Highnes pardon for the high pre∣sumption Page  [unnumbered] of Dedicating this small piece to your Highnes. All I can say is that it would be an infi∣nite joy to me if I could possiblie doe any thing to engage your Highnesse to look upon and ac∣cept of these Remarks, as comming in all sub∣mission, from him who shall never cease to im∣plore the Throne of Grace to preserve your Highnesse to be the most eminent Instrument in his own hand, for the good of Church and Page  [unnumbered]Common-wealth; so prayes,

Your Highnesse Most devote and Humble Servant WL: CARR.