Heraclius, Emperour of the East a tragedy
Corneille, Pierre, 1606-1684., Carlell, Lodowick, 1602?-1675.


Heraclius taken for Martian, Martian taken for Leontius, Pulcheria, her Women.
taken for Martian.
IN vain he promises himself that I
With his injustice should so far comply,
To force affection; justly you may chuse,
And should you grant, I justly might refuse.
We never must our houses join in one;
Nor are we fitted for this union.
You in Leontius happier will be,
And in his Sister's my felicity:
We all are happy in our equal love,
And Leontina doth our choice approve,
Whose Vertue and whose wisdom is so great,
That nothing can so just designs defeat.
Sir, you at first Leontius gave to me,
And as your gift increas'd his dignity:
Which in the world's opinion was before,
So great, that only you could make it more.
But 'tis improper now to think of love
To any other than to those above.
Page  11 After a pause.
taken for Martian.
I am resolv'd; it never shall be done:
Who dares, since in your Glass my life doth run?
Which I'le declare, and let the Tyrant storm,
If he raise forces, I can sooner arm,
And check his rage, who innocence defends
Must not mistrust either his Cause, or Friends.
You justly now, Sir, do excite a fear,
Which I had not, though I knew death was near;
But now, that I do find that danger's yours,
I feel a coldness strike my vital powers:
Kind Heaven, your Messenger is timely sent;
My single death may many now prevent.
she swoons.
taken for Leontius.
I never thought that any thing but love
Could in a womans breast such passion move.
Sir, she recovers: seem to change your mind.
taken for Martian.
I will, and yet do what I have design'd.
Pulcheria, be not griev'd, and I will do
Only what your desire shall guide me to.
taken for Leontius.
Rather be rul'd by me, whose life was spent
To serve you both, though now, your punishment:
First you must seek, Sir, to secure her life,
Which cannot be preserv'd unless your wife.
If you your selves, and me will this way bless,
I shall be happy in your happiness;
The Princes good, to subjects, still should be
The highest pitch of their felicity.
taken for Martian.
Ah my Leontius, you too high aspire,
For my sake to extinguish that bright fire,
Which we ave kindled; glorious whilst it burns,
But if extinguisht, you to ashes turns.
Page  12I know you cannot live without her love:
What is divine proceeds from those above,
Part of their Essence: friendships here on earth
Are more our choice, and suit our humane birth.
I know you better, than your self, you know,
And I my life unto your friendship owe:
I doubly ty'd, by love and friendship too,
Will court this new Pretender to serve you.