Gods providence, a sermon preached before the honourable House of Commons at their late solemne fast, Decemb. 28, 1642, in S. Margarets Church at Westminster by Ed. Corbett ...
Corbet, Edward, d. 1658.
1. Trust not in Meanes.

The way to have any thing taken from us, and not blest, is to trust in it, and depend too much upon it: The Prophet Ierem. is po∣sitive herein,* cursed be the Man who trusts in Man, and who maketh flesh his Arme. The reason followeth, and which draw∣eth his heart from God: For when we make flesh our arme, ac∣count it our support and strength, and relie upon it for delive∣rance. Our hearts are withdrawn and departed from the living God, we Deifie the Creature and as much as in us lies we unGod that Creator. The Lord himself in effect, speaks as much in his discourse with Gedeon, Iudg. 7. The people which are with thee Page  27 are too many for me to give the Midianites into their hands lest Israel make their vaunt against me, and say my hand hath saved me.*Self-sufficiency and Creature-confidence is of a vaunting and re∣bellious Spirit. It sets up it self, and De-thrones the Almightie. Woe to them, saith Isay. in the 31. C. that go down into Egypt for help, and trust in charets because they are many, and in horses because they are strong: And if you would know what this woe is, the Prophet will acquaint you in the 3. V. When the Lord shall stretch out his hand, the helper shall fall, and he that is holpen shall fall, and they shall all together faile. Curses and woes fol∣low them which rest in, and lean to earthly things, and the fruit of carnall confidence is destruction. Out of God there is nothing but the Creature, which is changeable, emptie, and insufficient, which borrowes all the worth it hath, and by very trusting in it, proves uncomfortable. How many Parents lose their children, by setting their hearts too much upon them? who miscarry oftner than Men of the greatest parts? Let us not therefore cry up the hands of Zerubbabel, nor the greatnesse of an Army, nor the wisdom of a Parliament, but let us exalt the power of the Almightie, adore his Providence, trust in his goodnesse; let every Christian endea∣vour to joyne his soule close unto God, and as it were to square it fit for him, to bring his trust only to the God of trust, and to set him in his own place, the highest in the heart. For the conjunction of the soule with God is the life thereof, and while we be care∣full to preserve that union, the Gates of Hell cannot prevaile a∣gainst us, we stand impregnable. But if the Divell come once be∣twixt God and our soules, and it is his greatest study so to Do. If the love of the creature and confidence therein make the least separation and unloose our hearts from their chiefest good, then our rock and sure footing is gone: we lie open to that roaring Lion and to those waters of iniquity, which will quickly sink us in per∣dition: Despaire, Idolatrie, Atheisme, and the whole bodie of sin have free passage into our soules: We cannot step from God, but Sathan steps to us; Every degree of departing from God is distrust and unbeliefe, and what will not an unbelieving heart commit?