A new play call'd The Pragmatical Jesuit new-leven'd a comedy
Carpenter, Richard, d. 1670?

The Epilogue.

Enter Galen Junior with his Ʋrinal. He holds it up.
Enter a Drawer liastily.
Ʋrinal, stand by: the Mark's out of your Mouth.
Gentlemen: Did ye call? The Authour's near,
And Drinks your Healths. His Epilogue is here.
Welcome Men here's, and if our lang be soamy,
Th' Italian Tongue welcoms you tuttie quanti.
He humbly throws himself beneath your feet;
Believe it, pray, although you do not see't.
Accept his first poor Industry: and know it.
Your kind Acceptance may create a Poet.
A Jesuite he regards as Garnet's Straw,
A Monk as Sergius, who proud Mahomet's Law
Did first invent: He was a Monk, and yet
To th' Alcron he shar'd his hot-cold Wit,
What such do mouth, our Author will not mind:
He fears least Beaux Espirits be unkind.
Obedience is a vertue, low in show,
The worth of which we cannot see, but know.
Good Men good Subjects were, the Field is ample:
The Monk or Jesuite's no good example.
Now Peace and Plenty sing a Requiem to us,
Nothing but Disobedience can undoe us.
May then all honest Hearts or say or sing,
Vivat Rex, Viva le Roy, God save the King.
All's paid, and ye are most kindly welcome, Gentlemen.
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