A new play call'd The Pragmatical Jesuit new-leven'd a comedy
Carpenter, Richard, d. 1670?

Scene I.

Enter Agrippa.

YOur Scholar and ours has put to Sea again for France, Mr. Hugh the Comedian-Preacher, came from his Master Fieri-facias to him with such a hanging message, that it discompos'd and tempested his thoughts, put him in∣to a shaking fit: and not without right reason: for one of his Coat and Consti∣tution was left shorter by the head the o∣ther day. He has desir'd of me to render him once again to you from Paris; and I shall do it Presto. But I promist him to present you first with a Dance of Spanish Clowns, as he has seen them Dance in the Church, by Order from the Inquisition, and as the manner is, upon the most festi∣val Dayes, in the Spanish-Churches, be∣fore the highest Altar: this passing with them for a part of devout Worship, and a most excellent work of Devotion. They come: judg you.


Enter the Spanish Dancers: they make re∣verence to the Altar, both before the Dance and after: they Dance with their Hats off. Exeunt.