A new play call'd The Pragmatical Jesuit new-leven'd a comedy
Carpenter, Richard, d. 1670?

Scen. 1.

Enter Lucifer, and Lucifuga.

NOw the many-wir'd Plot works. My Engineers from the School of Vain-Glory, have wild-fir'd all Places. The Souldier shines gloriously in the Field under my Standard: The Law∣yer tongue; it nimbly at the Bar in my Cause: The Physitian gains upon dying people, and extorts Moneys and Gifts to foment the Combustion: The Preacher is altogether declamatory and fulminating a∣gainst mine and his Enemies. The Courti∣er, Citizen, Countreyman nobly maintain their Triangle. My Out-landers have spur∣red up the Spirits of neighbouring Nati∣ons, from the earth into theayr, where they sly (like the Vulture hovering over the Lion and the wild-Boar in their comba∣tings, as hoping to devour the Carcases of both.) In this Tropick of things, I have seated the Provincial of our Society here with his Council, in a Noble House near to London-Wall; whence they dispatch e∣very day the most nimble-witted Mem∣bers of our Society, into the Conventicles, and Army. When the people are pull'd up by the root from Religion, they must needs fall back upon ours.

Enter Madam Vain-Glory, and Pretty.

Come, come: Are ye fitted in all Points?


We are, Most Reverend Fa∣ther.


Thou and thy Maid look as in∣nocently as a placid and fair Child pressing the Teat. Let's away.